The power of a praying proctologist

"Thank you, Sir, may I have another?"

“Thank you, Sir, may I have another?”

All of the preparations for the colonoscopy went as expected; it was what occurred moments before the actual procedure that were a surprise. I planned on writing about my colonoscopy experience in an effort to help others but I KNEW I was going to write when my doctor surprised me.

As the medical team wheeled me into the area, we engaged in pleasant conversation. After all this time, things were finally ready. A sterile piece of equipment was soon headed where no man had trodden asunder.

But before the doctor began the colonoscopy, my doctor did the craziest thing.

He prayed for me.

And it wasn’t a haphazard, “I better do this because I’m a doctor in the Bible Belt” kind of supplication.

No, quite the contrary.

Um, yeah...

Um, yeah…

Instead, he gently leaned over me, the room grew still and he kindly placed his hands on me and prayed. As the words flowed out of his mouth, I remember distinctly feeling that this guy meant what he said.

Though there was a very embarrassing aspect of what was going to happen next, this man was caring for another part of me that was even more raw and I wouldn’t have thought that possible. It was my heart, the spiritual beating of my soul.

I didn’t feel like I was in a revival which is hilarious considering I was getting a colonoscopy and those things don’t usually go together. Nor did I sense that he was scared about what he was going to do so he had to ask Jesus for help. Instead I sensed humility, reverence and respect. He recognized that he was being entrusted with a special task. Our previous conversations have basically dealt with far more temporal matters, wink, wink. As I lay there on the table, I thought, “Thank you God. No matter what, this is going to be ok.”

And while I recognize that some people might find this whole praying notion super weird, for me, I wanted to sing with joy.

Before drifting into a fuzzy vapor, I declared, “You have no idea what a comfort your prayer was to me. Why didn’t I know this about you before? I’m going to tell all the ladies in my Bible Study about you!”

Then his assistant talked to me about Chicago cuisine.




Oh yes, what a glorious day! Bring on the colonoscopy!

And then poof, the procedure was done and I was awake. As if the experience couldn’t get more wonderful, I dreamt about Justin Bieber. Not even joking.

So here I sit praising God that I can sit.

I rejoice that my test results weren’t just good, y’all they were “EXCELLENT.” Every aspect of the tests were EXCELLENT! #shablam #eatgreenthings

As the medication wore off and the doctor spoke to my husband, over and over again, I said, “You have no idea what your prayer did for me. Thank you. This was the BEST COLONOSCOPY EVER!”



Pass this post onto someone you love who needs a colonoscopy. Tell them that yes, it’s awkward, unpleasant and a basically big giant poo-fest but s/he can do it. I did and I’m a wimp. I hope I kept it real but not real gross. God does show up in the strangest and most amazing places.

4 thoughts on “The power of a praying proctologist

  1. Oh, my…. I just saw your boys in your face!

    My dh once had some medical mystery going on, and he was seen by a neurologist. Fast forward to end of story …. we had a huge deductible on our insurance, and there were already several $100,000’s ahead of this medical event, so we told them to hand over their bills and get in line.

    We later got word from the neuro that his bill was forgiven. And then a few days later, we saw a story in the newspaper about this neuro and his partner. The story was about how they always prayed for every one of their patients…. I know exactly how comforting that is.

    • That is very special! When he said, “Let’s pray,” I just thought he’d so the old standard stuff just to get it out of the way. But he prayed purposefully. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing this!

  2. I’m just hoping that me reading this isn’t God’s way of preparing me for something. I’m in my 30s with bowel problems. I’ve been tested for Coeliac disease but that was negative. Back to the doctor I go on Thursday :-/

    Glad you’re ok 🙂

    • Hey Sandy,

      I’m sorry you are having health struggles. Another way to think about reading my posts is that you know you can do it if necessary. One of my sons has tummy issues and has been tested for celiac disease and it’s been negative. Don’t borrow trouble and continue to look for answers. I hope all goes well. Be encouraged, friend! Thanks for your comment and kindness.

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