Colonoscopy, number three…


photo copy 32Few people can say, “Best colonoscopy ever!” but I can and I did! As I was wheeled out into the elevator to recover at home, I wanted to shout, “Hey everybody! That was just the best colonoscopy EVER!” but I decided it was more socially acceptable to do it in this manner. Do I want to do this again, HECK NO! Was it fun? Seriously, you didn’t ask that! Read on, I’m keeping it real but not real gross.

After enduring the many indignities related to colonoscopy prep, the time had finally arrived for us to embark on the final leg of this journey.

Feel free to read into the title of this post any nuance in my wording. Number three is fitting. If you don’t get it well then I guess you haven’t had a colonoscopy yet.

13. In an effort to preserve my sense of humor, I took a picture of the absolutely ginormous bathroom in the medical facility where I had my procedure. A large family could easily live there. We live in a hurricane prone area and the restroom alone should be listed as a shelter site. It is very commodious.

14. Although I no longer suffered from any burning emergency (and again, feel free to read into my wordsmithing), I visited the bathroom. No Charmin Freshmates but I bespied this miracle product that should be sold commercially. I had no need for its use but I promptly texted a picture of this to my ministry minded middle to amuse him.

images15. I am dreadfully needle-phobic. My experiences with IV’s are quite horrible. Once I endured six months of radial nerve damage in my elbow from an IV. Anxiety grips me long before the “stick.” And once the IV is in, I disassociate my arm from the rest of my body. Please tell me you know someone who does the same thing!

Plus my veins wiggle and nurses complain about the size of them. After two days of expulsion, I doubted there was any kind of liquid left in me. But praise the Lord, and I truly mean it, the nurse was victorious the first attempt. Still, I wanted to just go home and forget about the whole stinking thing.

16. This is me after it’s all said and done. I’m saving the best for last. Just wait until I share with you the nicest part of the entire experience. Few people can say, “Best colonoscopy ever!” but I can and I did! Do I want to do this again, HECK NO! Was it worth it? YES!

Pass this post along to someone you love who needs a colonoscopy. I’m a wimp and if I can do it, anyone can.

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you. I sincerely wanted to share my experience to encourage others.

4 thoughts on “Colonoscopy, number three…

  1. Re: #14. You can get this in tiny amounts (in comparison to the bottle in your photo). Great to keep in the guest bath, take on vacations, etc. I can tell you where.

    • Thanks Dr. Christy! It was quite an event and I’m thrilled it’s over. My results were excellent, thanks for asking! I’ve got a few more thoughts to share on the experience, I appreciate you stopping by!

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