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I was an angry existentialist, agnostic feminist who came to know Christ in 1996. I am now a wife, writer and mama of three sons ages 22, 17 and 15. My oldest son is a 2012 graduate of the United States Military Academy. My lifelong goals are to raise three sons who love Jesus and also put the toilet seat down after using it. If I do that, my work here on earth will be done.

14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. hello, sister cindy its beautiful that name of your blog My Awesome Olive Shoots, i really know what yohu mean, me as same like you have 3 beautiful Olive Shoots, 2 boys 21 and 18 and one girts 14. beautiful to know there mothers like you , praying for their kinds, blessing! for all your Olive Shoots.
    Yanira Camacho
    La Puente, California

    • Hi Yanira! Thank you for your sweet comments! You have greatly encouraged me today and I’m happy to meet another mom who believes passionately in the job of motherhood. We are blessed and I pray you find joy in everything you do today with your tender olive shoots! Thanks for stopping by! ā¤

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