Appreciating Nate


Sandwiched between a Soldier and an orange hair, freckle face OS = pre-sushi joy

My Soldier came home for the weekend. To find him fast asleep in his bed Saturday morning felt like a bowl of slightly melted, premium vanilla ice cream with warm butterscotch and multi-colored sprinkles on top.

We ate sushi at our favorite place and stuffed our faces.

Oh my, Nate is a funny fellow.

And he encounters so many characters, there’s never a dull moment. I honestly think if the whole Army officer thing doesn’t pan out or the West Point degree with a major in comparative politics amounts to nothing, my oldest OS could hit the comedy scene with his own schtick. And his material would all be true, no exaggeration necessary. While at dinner, Nate demonstrated how his pastor, a WP grad himself, is a BIG fan of gestures. Basically every sentence is punctuated with a dramatic bodily motion. I thought a piece of rice was going to fly out of my nose!

We promised Nate we would eat here if he drove nine hours to come home = totally worth it!

My oldest OS’s stories about sunflower seeds are equal parts disgusting and delightful. I’ve been hearing sunflower seed stories for years now. It’s a smart Soldier’s alternative to chew or cigarettes.

These two people had no idea how the Lord was going to change and bless them. Three olive shoots and almost exactly 25 years later, we are still a work in progress but rejoice over what Jesus has done in our lives.

Before we ate dinner, Nate got our family’s attention and offered a toast. The Hubs and I will be married 25 years on Wednesday. The toast and acknowledgement of our pending celebration were just more signs that our OS is a man.

But you know what is really cool? He still lets me call him “Baby.” Not gf “Baby” but mom-speak “Baby.” He allows me (sometimes) to place my head on his broad back and just be near him. When I grab his biceps, which seem to get more muscular each time I see him, he flexes for added bravado. He is patient with my shenanigans too. In other words, he lets me be his mama. He’s not too cool, well-traveled, intellectual or strong to still grant his mother a moment to remember, savor and appreciate.

The car drove away this morning, too soon. A weepy mom stood on the driveway, her heart full of love and thanksgiving which btw, will probably be the next time we see him. Thanks Baby for letting me scoop up more memories. Until next time,

13 thoughts on “Appreciating Nate

    • Ikceb, that might be a difficult request! I don’t think it’s going to take much for you this week. I’m praying for you and I understand! That was a random wedding photo taken by a completely annoying person but we love the picture, she captured the moment perfectly! ❤

  1. It is nice to have a child within driving distance from home. Jeneva was only an hour away for 4 years, now she is in L.A. and loving it. We may see her Christmas, apparently, she isn’t sure if she will be coming home (if I have anything to do with it, she will be home). Also, she has told us that she is already thinking about doing another year of service. If she does, that would mean she will come home for her best friend’s wedding and then skedaddle back to L.A. right afterwards! Thank goodness she calls almost every day and there is always Skype. 🙂

  2. Aw….. If it wasn’t a sin I would envy you. 😉

    I love that Micahdet lets me be his mama that way, too. So Nate’s major is comparative politics? I didn’t know! That’s Micahdet’s major as well. Now wonder they love each other. No wonder we love each other. It was just meant to be! xoxoxooxx

  3. So glad you had time together.. precious, priceless time.. a true gift from the Ultimate Giver! Happy anniversary to you! 25 years is a true accomplishment!! Congratulations to you two!

  4. Okay, So you made me cry. Again! (I hope you are happy!) And you know I love you. 🙂 As I saw that first pic, I thought man, I remember when our boys were nervous plebes, and now just look at the confidence and self-assuredness in their eyes and even in their stance. (And ummmm doggie, look at those biceps! :D) And then I saw the wedding photo and wanted to hug you. All of these emotions from the shared experiences we have had came rushing to my heart and my eyes started leaking. It happens every time I dare to read your blog, Cindy. What a special friend you are! And what special Olive Shoots we have been blessed to have. Thanks for sharing a corner of your world today.

    • Yes, they were terrified, annoyed and ready, full of potential. Now look at them, what a transformation! You have raised a great young man, someone my OS admires and enjoys. We have much to be proud of and I praise the Lord that He brought us together as well! Thank you for your sweet words, precious friend! ❤

  5. Sometimes..I wish that my “wet behind the ears” Yuk grew up and shared these experiences with your son……and Mary and Carol’s. You Moms are the reason I got through Plebe year….I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of you all!!!! I wish all the best for your 2LTS…almost said cadets!!! and in the future. Pray that I get through this year…. Jonathan just joined the Opera Club and became an editor for Horwitzer?? Who IS this person I raised??? Sending you love, Cindy….and..the BEST class of Moms ever!!! 2012

    • Marian, I am not surprised in the least that your boy would accomplish such things. He has you as his mom. A witty, wise, passionate, creative, educated woman = DUH, the kid’s gonna be awesome! You have brought great life to WP motherhood. Lord bless you for caring so much for others even old grad moms. Love you!

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