Family Portrait, sort of…


A few months ago, I was interviewed for a newspaper article. When the story came to print, I eagerly read it only to discover that the writer stated that I was the mother of two sons. My heart sank. How could he make such a mistake after I implicitly and proudly told him I had three boys??? For Pete’s sake, he and I shared a moment, he has three daughters, how could he be so dumb? It took me several weeks to write him because it bothered me so much but I eventually informed him of his error. Even though the journalist apologized, the damage was done. He didn’t know how much that hurt me. I am the mother of three sons!!! I’m screaming it from the rooftops!

Even though my oldest OS is far away, he is exactly where the Lord wants him. But that doesn’t stop me from involving my OS in family events. It’s just that now, well, I’ve just become quite inventive with incorporating my favorite soldier into gatherings. Said in my best Mr. T impersonation, “I pity the fool who makes that mistake again.”

During our family reunion, we enjoyed Sunday Service at the chapel in the mountains. We arrived promptly at 9am for the group pictures. 

When it was time for my mom’s brood to get our pictures taken, I didn’t want Nathan to be overlooked. It didn’t seem right for him to not join us. I had the solution, I grabbed the canvas USMA bag with his name on it and placed “Nathan” on the ground while the paparazzi snapped away.

Oh my, was Aaron thrilled when I asked him to “hold” his brother for the cousins photo! NOT! Thank goodness he’s such a good-natured guy who loves his mama. Sorry the picture is so small. Aaron is the tall guy on the left. He’s “holding” Nate! How sweet is that!

4 thoughts on “Family Portrait, sort of…

  1. I posted this on my blog, but decided to post it here as well so you see it . . . Our son’s name is James Bond. No joke. It is a family name. Not an attempt to scar him for life! He will be in F-2, we believe. Will your family be at March Back on the 18th and/or A-Day on the 23rd? We would enjoy meeting you. Merrily and Jim

  2. I went on a recent trip to Florida, and my dad always takes a photo of me, my daughter, and now new cadet. This time the photo was of me, my daughter, and my West Point bag, so I totally relate to your photo. Beautiful. Thanks for your great insights.Blessings

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