There is nothing glamorous or fashionable about Cadet Basic Training. It is gritty and not terribly pretty. At this point in CBT aka Beast, you’re worrying about squaring away your room, chewing in five bites and keeping a low profile with the cadre. Your attractiveness is not even on the radar. 

Today I offer proof that CBT is rough and not for the vain. I’m enlisting the help of my adorable son, Nathan…

New Cadet is currently sporting the fashionable Army eyewear affectionately known as BCGs. I discovered this picture of him today and it was taken during Wednesday night fellowship at Chapel. What are BCGs

Glasses = BCGs

I guess they are called that because they are not terribly flattering. You don’t have to worry about the ladies when you’re wearing BCGs. Our son was dreading the BCGs and it’s the first time I’ve seen a picture of him wearing them. Now I see why. He’s still my pretty boy. He’s singing praises to the Lord and I don’t know of a more beautiful sight. 

3 thoughts on “BCGs

  1. Ma’am,I know you don’t know me, but I was in the squad right next to Nate’s until this past Sunday. After a lot of prayer, I decided West Point was not the place the Lord needed me right now, so I returned home. What I can tell you is Nate always seems to be in good spirits, even when SGT Muckelroy would bring up postings from this blog. The picture you made him is proudly displayed on his desk. Your son is always encouraging to others. Plus, he makes the BCGs look good. In all honesty, after a day in them, you don’t even notice because everyone has them on. In the picture from Chaplain’s Time, the Asian guy on the end is Eugene Park, one of Nate’s roommates. Ben Thomas, his other roommate, is the redhead on the far-right. If you’ve got any other questions no matter how simple you may think they are, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Brown

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