Pity Party and YOU’RE INVITED


Yesterday was the first day of school for my two OS. I picked them up in the carpool line and nearly lost my mind. It was a nightmare. I didn’t know where to go so I think I stopped my van in the traffic line. 

Consequently, mommies that were behind me gave me death rays out of their driver’s windows. (I thought I was in the middle school parking line but I might have been blocking the elementary school parking line, I’m still confused.) By the time my two guys came out of the building, 17 minutes later I was fit to be tied. They had sweet little smiles on their faces, I did not. It wasn’t a great way to greet your kids especially on their first day back to school. 

This morning I told my husband he was going to come with me to pick up the guys because maybe he could explain what I should do. He told me in a kind but firm way that he couldn’t because he had work to do. Oh, really???

That’s when I decided I’d sprain my ankle. That’ll teach him. 

While walking out of the house to get our sons, BY MYSELF, my foot and ankle rolled off my heeled sandals. Excruciating pain began immediately as I frantically hopped to ring the doorbell. Mark ran down the stairs and helped me inside.

I moaned and saw stars which was a problem since it was only 3:30 in the afternoon. So here I sit, unable to put any pressure on my left leg. I’m feeling sorry for myself and my puffed up foot. Misery, agony, despair.

Thusly, you’re invited to my pity party. So far my husband, two OS, my sisters and my mom are joining me. We could take random pictures of my foot. You could bring me a present. Be creative! I’m not too picky. It will be fun!

My husband bought me some flowers, is making dinner – grilled lemon chicken, couscous with toasted pine nuts and grilled asparagus. Feel free to share your ideas! I also like shiny, sparkly things. 

According to my google diagnosis, I believe I have sprained my anterior talofibular ligament. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow. I think the party will still be going strong though. Hope you can make it! 

2 thoughts on “Pity Party and YOU’RE INVITED

  1. Oh, you poor, poor thing!! I hope your husband didn’t say, “I toed you so!” That wouldn’t be a nice thing for a sole mate to say. That would make him a real heel. Good thing you were on the ball and got those time-sequential photographs so we could see how much your foot had swollen by the time you got that delicious dinner served to you! 🙂 (By the way, isn’t it great to have a hubby that can produce more than frozen waffles and ketchup! I swear we would starve if it were up to me around here!)

  2. If I weren’t in such much pain, I’d groan from that comment! Hilarious! And yes, it is indeed a blessing to have a well trained husband. My foot is turning a shade of blue. I’ll be sure to take pics since I’m sure you will be interested. Thanks!

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