Special Reception for Nominees


Today we attended a reception for academy nominees at the office of our state congressman David Price. 

As we were walking into the building I was so joyous that my wise husband took Nate to buy a new suit for the event. It hadn’t even crossed my mind and I would ahve been kicking myself if Nate would have not had a spiffy suit and a snazzy tie to mark this momentous occasion. My handsome collection of testosterone – oh how I love them!
Each congressman only picks 10 candidates for the respective academies which was something I didn’t know. We were so proud that Nate was nominated. While there he met a former classmate he knew in elementary school and they are both candidates for West Point.

When my four men walked in, I felt like the proudest mama in the building. You should have seen them all shaking hands and introducing themselves, even to Congressman Price. Nate got his picture taken with the Congressman next to the American flag. I guess that was a current Congressman meeting a future Congressman with Presidential aspirations. Remember Nate in ’28! 

2 thoughts on “Special Reception for Nominees

  1. You are one lucky lady! You have such a handsome group of fellas. (of course, they are very lucky to have you, too.) I am very proud of Nate. I know his politics and David Price’s politics are on different sides of the aisle, but it appears Nate handled himself like a gentleman. Not surprised! I am already grooming Sam to be Nate’s campaign manager, if 22 sn’t to young to have a job like that. And even in 20 years, you’ll still be a young chicky compared to Mama McCain!

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