Hide and seek


I can let him stuff his face with cotton candy and then conveniently drop him off at his house with a sugar high that hits da roof- I like that!

With all this college stuff looming in the horizon (can stuff loom?), I need a diversion.

Two-year-old Jon serves that purpose. So does his baby brother Si but this post is about a delightful time I enjoyed with Mr. Walking Backwards Guy (aka Jon). He likes to walk backwards every time he sees me.

One day while visiting my sister and the babies, Jon and I played a game of Hide and Seek.

We would take turns hiding and it was so funny to see him looking hither and yon for me. He had a preferred spot for me to hide which made the game rather unchallenging but still immensely fun.

When it was my chance to find Jon, I would pretend to be completely baffled trying to locate him. I looked in the curtains. No Jon. In a pair of shoes. No Jon. In a drawer. Astonishingly, no Jon.

Every single time he hid in the exact same spot. When it was my turn, I’d tuck myself under the dining room table and wait for him to “find” me.  He must have thought, “Wow, Dees (that’s his name for me) is pretty dense,” since I usually hid in the exact same spot. But that’s one of the hidden rules of the game with Jon.

I’m so glad he put up with my antics.

We would still be playing hide and seek if it were up to him. How does he do it? He makes everything hilarious!

Doesn’t this look like fun?

I can’t wait to do it again and again and again! Bet you can’t find me – HA!

2 thoughts on “Hide and seek

  1. Playing Hide & Seek w/Jon is a blast. I loved how he would walk behind me as he “hid” and I had to pretend not to see him. Have fun at the circus.Ovary Diesel aka Aunt Lorri

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