Black Wig Productions, Epic Battle 2


This is what three boys who shall remain nameless decided to do one night while their parents who shall remain nameless enjoyed a dinner with friends. They were supposed to sort the laundry and put it all away – that didn’t happen and these three unsupervised boys found something very unusual to do to wile away the time. Don’t even try to follow the plot, just enjoy the absolute absurdity of this “production.” I’ll let their “parents” know what you think (wink, wink).

9 thoughts on “Black Wig Productions, Epic Battle 2

  1. I’m with Caroline and she just showed me the video- it was hilarious!! Btw, Caroline seems to have this aura of impending disaster about her… today we got together for the first time and there was a fire next door. So I’m just warning you even though you’ve already experienced it. lol.

  2. I can’t stop laughing! Why does Aaron make the same face in every movie? When I come to Raleigh, I want to be in one of their films.Aunt Lordy aka Aunt Ovary Diesel aka Aunt Lorri

  3. OK- you are officially off the approved sites for my boys to visit- we have already in the last 2 minutes had a reinactment of this video, except it was their 7 month old sister “flying” through the air to knock out Austin. So much to look forward to- especially the actual leaving them at home alone part!!!”cousin” Lori- with one r- not to be confused with Aunt Lorri :0

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