Don’t mess with a ginger!


I went upstairs to my orange hair, freckle face olive shoot’s room. It was dirty in a 16-year-old guy kinda way. While complaining that he needed to clean it, I spotted this.


Gingers aren’t known for being subtle.

We gave each one of our olive shoots their very own can of their favorite freeze-dried fruit for Christmas. (They also received other gifts, btw!). Ike, known as our very feisty ginger, didn’t mince words about his raspberries. He’ll kick YOUR can if you touch his!

Here’s a link if you are looking for a “memorable” gift idea!

If you want to try a bunch of freeze-dried fruit. I have a box of these tucked away in the garage. Please tell no one.

If you want to try raspberries.

A peek into my pantry. I love both of these companies and will blog about soon!

A peek into my pantry. I love both of these companies and will blog about soon!

Aaron’s favorite is peaches. They were gone before he went back to college! Thankfully we gave him TWO cans of peaches because he’s our favorite. ­čśë

If you dare, try these freeze-dried pineapples in your house. They are tangy and delicious, totally addicting!

Perhaps Ike will say to his kids one day, “I’ll never forget the time when Mom and Dad gave me food for Christmas.”

Yeah, we’re awesome parents…?

Christmas menu – my little restaurant



My husband designed this chalkboard for my kitchen.

I love to write and do fancy things with doodling and stuff.

I pretend I own a restaurant and scribble away.

It’s fun playing house even though I am a homeowner.

I guess it reminds me of my dollhouse when I re-arranged the furniture and whiled away the hours playing make-believe.

The little girl in me hasn’t left, I suppose. This was my Christmas menu and you have no idea how much fun I had putting this on my chalkboard.


Blue cheese


Orange and onion salad

Sweet potato casserole

Homemade lemonade

Fresh bread

Baby Jesus cake (I’ve included a link but ours didn’t look like this!)

Chocolate chip cheesecake

Sometimes these little touches make things more festive!

Question: What do you do to make the holidays special?