Christmas menu – my little restaurant



My husband designed this chalkboard for my kitchen.

I love to write and do fancy things with doodling and stuff.

I pretend I own a restaurant and scribble away.

It’s fun playing house even though I am a homeowner.

I guess it reminds me of my dollhouse when I re-arranged the furniture and whiled away the hours playing make-believe.

The little girl in me hasn’t left, I suppose. This was my Christmas menu and you have no idea how much fun I had putting this on my chalkboard.


Blue cheese


Orange and onion salad

Sweet potato casserole

Homemade lemonade

Fresh bread

Baby Jesus cake (I’ve included a link but ours didn’t look like this!)

Chocolate chip cheesecake

Sometimes these little touches make things more festive!

Question: What do you do to make the holidays special?

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