Five minute Friday – worship


IMG_4986Before having my three sons, I don’t really remember meeting any boy who had an active, living, breathing faith.

I knew guys who went to church and performed a variety of religious sacraments

But it all seemed shallow

And I could relate

Because my spiritual practices were very superficial as well

Today, it’s my ministry-minded middle’s 19th birthday

And ladies, let me say he is a cutie (he also has a serious gfgf so he’s taken!)

wh1My superbaby is a reader of unusual books, uses quotes from great Puritan leaders with wild abandon

And he prays fervently, thinks passionately and feels the strong call to be in ministry – I am in awe

What brings me to tears though is his heart for worship

Aaron is a man of imperfection just like the rest of us

But the purity of his surrender and dependence on Jesus

Sometimes I look at him with fascination

He has a faith that is unashamed

His devotion to living a holy and righteous life

Are evidence of his worship to the King

And that’s not something you typically see in a 19-year-old.

They often worship other things far less honorable…

So what does the word "last" make you think about? Join this writing community and share! You'll feel better, trust me!

So what does the word “worship” make you think about? Join this writing community and share!

Today I rejoice that the Lord has blessed me with this child who has a true heart of worship and a love for Christ.

3 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – worship

  1. Happy Happy Birthday! What a blessing – to have a son with a heart for worship. I am continually amazed at how each son’s faith emerges! A mom with 3 sons! You can be a part of my unoffical mom-with-3-sons club (no daughters allowed) – it’s a special calling!

  2. I’d love to hear Aaron quoting from the Puritan leaders! My husband has said repeatedly how amazing all your boys are and how he hopes ours turn out as good. I want so much for them to have the heart for Jesus that you describe your boys having. I wish I knew better how to instill that in my kids.

  3. You have been blessed!! You know, I can’t recall very many young men that were serious about God when I was in high school either. It is very special and encouraging to hear about young men who are passionate about God. I give praise to our Father!! Praise God for raising up young men to know Him!!! 🙂

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