Five minute Friday – rhythm

Winnie the Pooh meets strange heart rhythms, don't recommend it

Winnie the Pooh meets strange heart rhythms, don’t recommend it.

The normal, forgettable rhythms of my heart changed one night when I was about 10 years old.

Prior to that, I only knew that my heart was beating because I was still alive. Suddenly it was like having a bowl of jello inside my body. Btw, I hate jello.

After a stirring 5th grade performance as Winnie the Pooh (hold the applause) I came home and my heart began beating wildly. The pages in my library book began pulsating to the rhythm of my thumping chest. I was weak and afraid.

I really had little control over when my heart would beat strangely and then suddenly go back to normal.

It required several visits to the emergency room throughout my adulthood. Only when I was pregnant with my oldest son would I learn that I had SVT, a non-fatal but super annoying heart condition that plagued me until I had a cardiac ablation two years ago.

I was DONE with having unpredictable heart problems. Like many things in life, you know how much you can handle and then make necessary changes to fix “rhythms.”

Me just before I had my cardiac ablation

Me just before I had my cardiac ablation

At times my heart could beat like a hummingbird, up to 220 beats per minute.

I very much enjoy participating in this weekly writing assignment. You might like it too!

I very much enjoy participating in this weekly writing assignment. You might like it too!

So what comes to mind when you think of the word “rhythm”? Check out what other people are writing about this word! It’s pretty cool!

4 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – rhythm

  1. Wow, how scary to grow up not knowing what is wrong and why your heart would just go haywire. I’m so glad they found the reason and you had it fixed!

    Rhythm makes me think of either my daily routine with life… or dancing. 🙂

    Here from five minute Friday.

    • Thank you Kelly K. You were VERY perceptive to understand an additional confusing part of my story. Why did it take so long to figure this out? I still shake my head about that. Thanks for stopping by, FMF is so wonderful! Bless you!

  2. My sister’s heart would beat that fast before she was diagnosed with Graves Disease at 13 years old. She would often pass out after the “attack.” Very scary stuff. I’m so glad you got your problem fixed!

    • Yes, it wasn’t a fun procedure but I was just sick of it! It sounds like Graves Disease is more serious than SVT. It’s good that she got a diagnosis at an early age. I’m still mystified as to why I didn’t ever see a cardiologist or bother to figure out how fast my heart was beating. Weird.

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