Five minute Friday – song

This boy when he sings, makes my heart smile.

This boy when he sings, makes my heart smile.

I know my family has found the sweet spot in the day when my orange-hair, freckle face 16-year-old starts to sing.

You will not hear him on an album. His ministry-minded middle is in the Moody Men’s Choir and he sings with wild abandon. He sings almost too much. I love it, don’t get me wrong but there’s a sharp contract between the two.

Isaac, though, most of his songs are silly and they are less frequent. These songs can be of the suburban white-boy rap quality busting bad rhymes about important things like how much he hates swiss chard

or cleaning the marble kitchen island

You know, deeply emotional things…NOT

Quite a few are about me being his mom.

Oh these make me giggle

But more importantly they tell me something very important.

He feels safe.

When I sing, it means I am allowing you to hear my voice. You have been permitted to hear my non-musical melodies. I have deemed you safe. When I am off-pitch or goof up a word, if you are hearing my song, you have been given a gift not necessarily in the form of sound but in the form of security.

Writing for five minutes is a treasure. Do it! Click here for deets!

Writing for five minutes is a treasure. Do it! Click here for deets!

When people sing in this family, it brings more than music to my ears. It brings healing.

Question: When someone in your family sings, what does that mean to your heart?

8 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – song

  1. I love how you celebrated your son’s gift of song! And that you find value in your own singing. Not everyone can do that, no matter how “good” the world tells them they are. That is a wonderful trait to carry through your life! And I think it’s evident that your son has learned to carry it, too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by! Your words were so kind!

  2. I love this. I have a song, 19, who leads worship at church and is currently writing music. It brings me to much joy to hear Him sing, and know that He is using His gift to bring glory to God. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. I have a 20 year-old son who is a worship leader for a church. He is constantly singing. I also have a set of 4 year-old twins who sing all the time as well. There is nothing like joy from the mouths of family to fill a house with love.
    I enjoyed your post!

    • Yes, it feels like joy when there is song. My 18 year old is involved in worship music at church as well. It brings me great pride to hear him making a joyful noise as unto the Lord. Thanks Jennifer!

  4. You’ve given me a gift. “He feels safe.” A line that stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes. His non-stop hip hop 12 year old potty rap might just make me smile today! :))

    • Hey Lynanne, Maybe he can avoid the coarse talk and just do some silly family-style rap! Being a 12 year old boy ain’t easy and being the mom of a pre-teen is not for the meek! Glad it made you smile!

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