Five minute Friday – home

I came home to these people.

I came home to these people.

I became a full-time stay-at-home mom 15 years ago on my husband’s birthday. I wanted to mark that significant day on a day I wouldn’t forget. March 6th is now a day of double celebration for my family.

For so long the ambition of my life was to get respect and recognition.

My observation of full-time motherhood was that it was rife with disrespect and sadness. Obviously I wanted none of that. So I had my own business, attended graduate school, practiced writing M.Ed. at the end of my name.

Individually these things are not wrong. But ultimately they were not what the Lord had for me.

On March 6, 1998, I started working for a new boss. I no longer served myself. A cataclysmic shift occurred in my heart.

God wanted me home.

With only five minutes to write, you'll have to trust me. This is what happened to me when I decided to stay home. Thanks be to God.

With only five minutes to write, you’ll have to trust me. This is what happened to me when I decided to stay home. Thanks be to God.

When I made that decision, priorities changed. My three olive shoots no longer attended day care or after school programs, they returned home to me. The significance sought outside in the world, was comfortably discovered within. Parts of me I had long denied began to blossom.

Within my home

Within my soul

There are times when I don’t always feel appreciated but I felt that way in the business world as well. This is where I belong. Home.

We rock one word for FIVE MINUTES! It's the best! Join the fun!

We rock one word for FIVE MINUTES! It’s the best! Join the fun!

Pleasure and fulfillment rest with my decision, something I will never regret.

10 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – home

  1. Love this post, love your blog name.
    It is amazing, over and over again The Lord keeps bringing right to my face women who chose to stay home. I have always stayed, was raised that “going back to work” was not even an option, and so I have always been immersed with SAHMs. But, recently I started doing daycare for a little guy and the full impact on not only the child, but the mother has been gnawing at me. But no one talks about it (except for SAHMs with other SAHMs) But you really nailed it with “a shift occurred in my heart”. Also, I like to take Bible verses and color them up too.

    • Thank you Leah! I remember when my oldest (then my only) son started speaking in a Southern accent and he called one of the daycare workers, “Mom.” That really bothered me but I still had a long way to go before I realized that the place for me was in my home. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I greatly admire women who have sacrificed much to be at home with their children.

    • Thanks Quiet Girl! I wanted to always remember the day and knew I wasn’t smart enough to pick a random day on the calendar. It was a very big decision second only to coming to know the Lord. Bless you!

  2. Inspirational words. If only more women could realize their potential and home with their families. I have nothing against moms working outside home; I just found that I could not juggle the two and felt that they were at odds in a way that I could not justify. I would never look back on my decision to leave the corporate world of oil and gas and make the choice to be home with my son and husband. Truly, the children of our nation are suffering in many ways because of a lack of strong “home” bases in which they feel secure, loved, and disciplined.

    • Thanks for your comment Annne! I agonized over the decision but when I finally relinquished control and gave it to the Lord, I felt I was ready for the challenge. A whole new world opened up to me and I found I was able to use many of my gifts and talents in a new and fresh way. I appreciate your perspective!

  3. It’s nice and oh-so-pc in this present darkness to say, and believe, that we can have it all. But the reality is that there is only so much of you to go around, and “yes” to one thing must = “no” to something else. So it’s soooo important to say yes to the right thing.

    • I tried to do it all and then some. It was an impossible task and I always felt I was lacking or disappointing something or someone. In my case, I did say yes to the right thing but it was also at the right time. I wasn’t ready beforehand and it happened on the Lord’s perfect time.

  4. I’ve been through the whole range since I had my 3 children – working mum, SAHM, business owner and now am about to complete a teacher training qualification. Family finances have dictated a lot of this over the years but my new adventure starting September is totally where God wants me I think, although the affects on my kiddos worries me senseless. I am trusting that as its where The Lord so clearly wants me to be, he’ll be in all the details and logistics.

    • It is a big decision and it sounds like something you have been very prayerful about. Your children have a mum who seeks the Lord so trust that He is directing your path. Bless you as you move forward and thanks for your comments as always from across the pond! ❤

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