And it makes me wonder…

It’s true, mothering has allowed me 
to blossom as a woman.

I hesitated for a moment when my orange hair, freckle face OS asked me a question during dinner last night.

“Is it ever boring just staying home all day and being a mom?”

No sooner had the words parted from those teenage ruby lips when he profusely apologized for his frankness. Truly Ike has said nastier things to me without a hint of remorse (and been punished for it, thank you very much!) but it was obvious he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. 

I think it’s an honest question. But what is the correct answer? Here’s what I said.

“Sometimes it is boring but that’s usually because I’m not doing the things I need to be doing.”

It was seven and a half years before traded in my ambitious career goals and embraced the job that had been waiting for me – full-time motherhood.

The day I learned that we were going to be parents! 
Notice the EPT (Early Pregnancy Test) box 
the Hubs is holding! 

So resolute was I to stay in the business world, that upon learning that I was pregnant with my oldest OS, I ordered a TWO YEAR subscription to Working Mother magazine. I remember simultaneously nursing Nate and attempting to have a contract negotiation on the phone only ten days after his birth. But no one was going to change my opinion…not my husband, not my mom, not even my baby.

It took two more children before I figured out that the Lord had divinely appointed me to be a stay-at-home parent. I can be a bit stubborn but I was relentlessly targeted. The voice in my heart told me repeatedly that I was “perfect for the job” even if I couldn’t see my qualifications. My Heavenly Father was changing me from the inside out…

Three dudes in suits

I sincerely wrestled about what to do with my life. It wasn’t an easy decision as I recall sitting on our eggplant colored couch with the Hubs in the winter of 1998. Bless that man as he listened and encouraged me. I questioned, what if full-time motherhood was boring? What if I hated staying home with the guys? What if I was lonely? What if my brain turned to mush? The Hubs reassured me that it was going to be ok. And he was right. 

Now 13 years later, my youngest OS was lovingly challenging me to take stock at how it’s been going for me…this whole stay-at-home mom gig.

When this kid gives this mom flowers “just because”
you have to feel good about yourself! πŸ˜‰

Although my boys are older, my role as their mom is still important. To have a 21 year old son who while home from West Point brings me a bouquet of flowers “just because” is evidence that I made the right decision. To be appreciated for a pantry filled with food, much of it I prepared, affirms my position in the household. When the world laments for me because I’m a mom of three sons, two of them teenage boys, I scoff at their pettiness for I am among the most blessed. 

Three legos and a football champ!

Yes, my sweet orange hair, freckle face OS, sometimes being a mother has lackluster moments but that happens with any job as you will one day discover. Jesus gave me this exalted opportunity to raise three men of honor and faith and I will forever give him praise. 

Oh and one more thing, I hope I haven’t offended anyone,
this is my personal story of transformation
and I realize other people have different mothering journeys. 

PS. I’d love to hear from you. What interesting questions have your children have posed and how you have answered them? 

6 thoughts on “And it makes me wonder…

  1. I have never understood why/how staying at home is boring.No offense intended to anyone, but I know teachers and daycare workers, and other people who work with children, who can't dream of working with their own. IMO something is wrong with that. I once knew a social worker who rescued children from this or that, who used to take her children to the babysitter on her day off, because, she told the babysitter, "I would go crazy staying home with them all day." What an awful thing to say in front of your children. IMO there is something wrong with that, too.And it has been my observation, as you mention, that EVERY job has its boring moments.So that's all I gotta say about that! πŸ˜‰

  2. I must say that I am always in awe of you and what God does through you with those awesome guys. I too have three sons as you know and I often question am I doing the right thing. I think you did a wonderful job answering the question because it's true. There's usually never a dull moment for a stay at home mom even if the kids are away at school. I'm a mom in the workforce however I learned quickly while out on medical leave at one point. To be honest…I loved being home and having meals prepared. I also seemed to be less stressed and more attentive to my families needs. Like Kristi said…when I grow up I want to be just like you! Love you lots and thanks for sharing!

  3. It has been a sacrifice for our family (financially) for me to stay at home with my three boys. Now that my last son is preparing to graduate and head off to college… all I can say is "Wow…it went by so quickly." I know this: I never missed one minute of anything with them, and I have ***zero*** regrets. Well… except that it is almost over… I regret that part. it has been one fun ride.And… I have to say… my three guys have turned out pretty well… even with having had me for their mom!Amazing.

  4. Oh Cindy, this is the best post! You have so encouraged me with this one. You know I have never had any career ambitions, but it was still a transition to go from working to being at home full-time, and I really can't imagine not being at home. And you are so right about it being boring if you aren't doing the things you should. I really cannot overstate the impact you have had on how I mother my children. Anytime I hear someone lament having teenagers, or just assuming the worst in their kids, I think of you, and how you never expected the worst from your boys, never dreaded the teen years… I know I am a better mom because of you, and this sweet post is one of the reasons I love you so!

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