Treats for the Troops


I’m often amused when my extended family extols my baking abilities. Aside from the epic fail of kale cake (which will go down in infamy as the most horrible dessert any human has ever created), my mother lavishes praises on my desserts.  My typical response to her exclamations is to casually tell her that the reason I bake so well is this…I’m literate. I can read a recipe, it’s really that simple.

See below for detailed pics of my family’s reaction to the kale cake!

Disclaimer: These pictures are not
representative of my baking abilities, I assure you.

Considering how I was loathe to all things domestic prior to my spiritual conversion to Christianity, it is quite wonderful that I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. It is not drudgery or “beneath” me as I thought previously. My heart is stirred into my sugary creations, especially if the treats are going to someone I care about.


Which is why it is a special privilege for me to be involved in West Point Moms Bake. Each month a group of over 130 West Point moms ship baked goods to deployed servicemen and servicewomen overseas. The excitement is contagious as my fellow WP moms (thanks to a private facebook group designed just for us) detail the thoughtful items and care they put into crafting each package. About ten of us moms are given the name and address of one of our heroes and we send a “boodle box” to that Soldier. This means that several packages of home baked treats arrive around the same time allowing these men and women to share the goodies with their unit. Many times my West Point mama friends humble me with their creativity and effort. Despite having busy lives of their own, the ladies of West Point Moms Bake still find time to bake delicious treats AND include other conveniences of home to their assigned Soldier. 

Nate at West Point during our
mother/son weekend last year.  

I don’t want to think about this but soon the day will arrive when my oldest OS is on that list. Upon his graduation from West Point and subsequent training, I must accept that my boy will probably be deployed. Knowing Nate, with his sweet tooth and tender heart, it will mean so much to him to think that others appreciate his service to our country. He will enjoy getting boodle from us but to get treats from others who don’t even know him personally will surely encourage him along the way.

In a recent package to my assigned hero, I made tasty and healthy treats for him and included a picture of our family. The Hubs, the middle OS and the orange hair, freckle face OS wrote him individual notes and it was OUR privilege to reach out and offer our support. 

Frequently members of West Point Moms Bake will hear back from their Soldiers. They are so appreciative and thankful. We love to share pictures and stories with each other and hear how our packages have lifted spirits. To date, over 500 packages have been sent since September! 

If you know of a deployed Soldier and like this idea, please leave me a message and we’ll put that person on our list. If you include a comment on my blog or would rather email me at, I’ll forward your information to my contact person and we’ll make it happen. One more thing, don’t worry, I promise I won’t send kale cake! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Treats for the Troops

  1. I've always loved this project–supporting all of our troops, not just the one we call son or daughter. It also shows the creative and generous spirit of the West Point Mom. Go Army!

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