I love Scrabble, yes I do


Scrabble is a great game for a word hound. I have loved Scrabble since I was in high school.

For Christmas one year, my parents aka Santa got me a French Scrabble game. I was the only one in my family who could play the game and so I played both sides of the board. Naturally I won and I know it might sound weird but I had a lot of fun. J’aime tous les mots ! I love words! While my plebe was home on Spring Break, guess what game he wanted to play with me? 

Here’s a very obvious clue.

 “Mom, do you want to play a game of Scrabble with me tomorrow?”
GAAA! Everything else I thought about doing the next day was quickly crossed off the list. My boss was going to call me, who cares? I would gladly and respectfullyblew the guy off and I told him so when he called me. I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. My son, my boy wanted to hang with me! And not only that, he wanted to play the world’s best game! Woo hoo!
I stink at most board games. I think Monopoly is fun but I don’t like how people try and scheme each other out of all their money. I like Battleship but my heart really sinks when someone destroys my ships. Sorry is a good game too but I’m sorry, that game should be called Spite as far as I’m concerned.
But Scrabble, that’s my game. That’s money as they say in high school.

And to crank it up a notch, I told my boy that not only would I play Scrabble with him but I was also going to cream him, basically “own” my OS in the process.
We went out for sushi and I felt like the luckiest girl with my miso soup, unagi (eel) and California roll with Nate.
With our tummies full of tasty delights, we headed back home for the duel.
The game started innocently enough but then the game got personal. Our obvious fondness of each other was replaced with raw competition.
If you have ever played Scrabble, you know how awful it feels to have a bunch of “bad” letters. But did I let it get me down? A casual Scrabble user might have wanted to quit. I mean, what do you do when you have this?

Let’s face it, 2 u’s, 3 o’s, one “a” and an “i” is a challenge. But I’m no Scrabble quitter. As I surveyed the board, I spotted a really amazing word. Do you see it?

 I spelled the word LUAU! I didn’t get a lot of points but the feeling of accomplishment was pretty stinking incredible.

The game proceeded and we both impressed each other with our word skills. But soon, to my astonishment, I pulled ahead. And I took pictures in the process just to rub it in.
Nate was tired so maybe that’s why I beat him. I had my highest score yet. I don’t care why I won, it was thrilling to beat my smart OS.
Final Scores:
Nate: 196
Me: 287

Take a look at the final board at the top of this post and check out all the cool words we used!

6 thoughts on “I love Scrabble, yes I do

  1. Oh I let you beat me. In fact I set you up to win just to make you feel better. I figured, I’ve beaten you in everything so far, I might as well let you win this one time. On a more serious note, I did have a great time playing scrabble with you. I will have to keep expanding my vocab so I can one day beat you fair and square. That day is coming. So get ready. Also I liked this quote, “Sorry is a good game too but I’m sorry, that game should be called Spite as far as I’m concerned.” I agree, however, I also think Sorry is a great way to vent out pent up anger/hate/bitterness. What type of games nowadays provide people with that type of outlet. I can think of only one.

  2. I believe “usurped” should be spelled with 2 Us not an e. And I don’t think “plier” is a word – it’s usually a pair of “pliers”, although someone who plies (ply your trade) might be used that way. You should have a Scrabble dictionary handy when you play.

  3. Remind me to not invite “Anonymous” over for a Scrabble game…ha. Anybody ever hear of “family” rules? We have them at our house…especially when we get to the end and want to get all the letters on the board!Hope I didn’t spell anything wrong..

  4. Oooh … Scrabble! I just may feel a Lexulous game coming on ….. you up for it?And, come on … you can play any word you want (plier, userp, etc) as long as no one challenges, right? Good thing you weren’t playing with Anonymous. 🙂

  5. Haha i was going to mention that usurped was spelled wrong too, but since anonymous beat me too it… 🙂 We love challenging each other in my family! Dad bought a huge dictionary just for scrabble. It adds a dangerous element to the game. 😉 Last time i tried using Towne, Bodet, Noel, and Len but unfortunately those aren’t actual words…Thanks for the awesome post!! Congrats on 287 points!!!! wow! :Dlove ypd,Caroline

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