Once Upon a Time


Twenty one years ago, on a sunny late summer day, a happy, little blond woman married a happy, little blond man. She felt like the prettiest girl in the world and everyone told her so, especially her brand new husband. 

They exchanged vows and outside the church, they released balloons out into the sky. Not a very “green” idea these days but back then, it was perfectly fine. They went on a honeymoon to Portugal and Spain and spent a day in Morocco. 

While there, the new bride slipped on her flip-flop and cut the mess out of her toe. It bled everywhere and the happy, little, newly married blond woman got three stitches in her big toe while in Portugal. It was the beginning of an eventful life together

As you probably figured out, the two people I’m talking about are my husband and me. Today is our 21st wedding anniversary! It’s incredible to me to think I’ve been married this long and I rejoice at how the Lord has blessed our marriage! 

My husband and I were thinking about ways we have celebrated our wedding anniversaries in the past and I thought I’d share some of the more memorable experiences we have shared together.

1. On our first year anniversary, my husband arranged for a surprise trip to San Francisco.  I knew we were going on a trip but he didn’t tell me the location.  A limousine picked us up to head to the airport. He had roses in our hotel room, got me a few extra days off of work and had the best time. 

2. On the flip side, I vividly recall our wedding anniversary where we were moving into our first home. I was pregnant with our oldest OS and feeling pretty miserable. While my husband helped the movers bring our belongings into our brand new home, I ate pizza on the toilet in our bathroom. The lid was down, don’t despair! Just thought I needed to say that. I just ate pizza, people, I’m totally serious!

3. Then there was the time when I was six days post-partum with our second OS. Who knows what happened that day. We were well on our way to sleep deprivation and all the other associated “joys” a woman experiences just after having a baby. I’ll leave it at that.

4. When we had our 10 anniversary, my husband and I enjoyed a nice dinner out and then, to my delight, my hubby pulled out a small box. Women love small boxes. Especially if they have a shiny ring inside.
5. Cayman Islands was where we celebrated another anniversary. We saw baby sea turtles, we went to Hell, (a spot on the island) and snorkeled with sting rays. Correction, my husband snorkeled, I felt sick to my stomach under water. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful time. 

6. Last year, we fulfilled a long dream of mine to go to Camden, Maine. If you ever have a chance to go there, we highly recommend it. Coincidentally we were there for the Windjammer Festival and were able to stroll along the bay and see all the windjammers return for a final hurrah. We stayed at the Hartstone Inn and absolutely stuffed ourselves with food the world class chef and proprietor of the inn created. Here is the room we stayed in! Check out the sample menu! We ate lobster, lobster rolls, fresh blueberry ice cream, I’m 

salivating just with the thought of that amazing time! Scrumptious and stunning in every way!

7. And then of course, we’ll never forget the anniversary when Hurricane Fran decided to come our way. It was the night of our anniversary that the winds started howling. We lost power as a Category 3 hurricane pelted our area. It cut a path all over our town and the surrounding area. This time my tummy was full of baby #3 and I fondly recall our little family collecting together on the bed with our battery operated radio listening to the latest news. September 5th has become a very powerful weather event day for our part of the country.

8. And this year, we spend our anniversary with me in a foot cast. Not terribly romantic, huh? I don’t feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, I’m not sure that’s possible on a scooter. But I do know someone still loves me. That man I married 21 years ago, the guy who makes me smile and laugh. The guy that blesses me with unconditional love and sweet memories. Sickness and health, richer and poorer, bi-ped or scooter bound. 

In many ways, we have weathered the storms of life and we have seen the rainbows. Thanks for letting me share. We’re off to scoot and celebrate this special day!

5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. What a sweet post and a sweet love story! I chuckle as I think of JD & my very diverse anniversary celebrations – some in lovely places, some sharing italian with my in-laws and VERY pregant, some with lovely jewelry and some where we both neglected to get a card. I guess that's just the way it goes – highs and lows, but even the lows are good when together. 🙂

  2. We will have to meet sometime at “The Point”. I’ve found that we have two more things in common besides our pleebes. Jim and I have also been married for 21 awesome years and we LOVE Maine too! -Merrily

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