It was a speaking day for our family on Sunday. In the morning, Nate addressed the church youth group along with family and friends and gave an inspiring message. He was awesome if I do say so myself. 

Later on in the day, it was my turn. I spoke at a high school baccalaureate. When I was initially asked to be the speaker, I hesitated. Why did they want me? What do I have to offer?
 Apparently my insight regarding young people and my work in the schools gave me some measure of credibility and that’s why I was chosen. I prayed about it, sought the counsel of godly friends and agreed to do it. 

Page upon page of my prayer journal was devoted to contemplating the message I was going to share. As the day approached, I found myself excited and a bit anxious. Rehearsing the 20 minute speech with my family gave me confidence. My husband liked it. My sons thought it was good. Even my mom liked it. (Ok, my mom LOVED it but that’s her job. We always have to LOVE the things our children create, it’s in the job description. She’s such an encourager!) And most importantly I felt the Lord was pleased with my efforts and He was my main audience. 

Sunday rolled around and I was soooo ready to get it over with. There is no weird twist in my story or anything like that,  I did a good job and was satisfied with the message the Lord placed on my lips. If you want a copy of my message, I’ll send it to you. I used the word “puberty” several times in my message which made my OS Nate rather uncomfortable but it had spiritual relevance. 

The venue was at an outdoor amphitheatre which might be redundant. Are amphitheatres always outdoors? Hmmmmm…NE way, when my family and I approached the place, I commented that I felt like a Roman, you know in a coliseum kinda thingy. My husband and OS rolled their eyes with my bold pronouncement. When I said I felt like Abraham Lincoln or Billy Graham addressing the audience, they really thought I was slightly exaggerating the experience. Whatev

Athough the baccalaureate began at 5 pm, it was sweltering heat. We’re talking 100 degrees plus even when the sun gave way to a bit of shade. I was sweating bullets. There was a part of my message where I thought I might tear up. No chance. Too hot. Dehydration had set in. I couldn’t have cried if I had forced myself.

Despite the oppressive temperatures I believe the audience of about 300 really tried to listen and concentrate. I was blessed. Unfortunately I left my water bottle with my husband so as I was speaking at the podium, I simply prayed, “Lord, give me enough saliva to finish this speech.” He did. 

Afterward, several people told me I did a great job. One mom actually got out of her car as we were in the parking lot and asked for a hug. It was a sweaty hug but still a blessing.

You know that feeling of doing a job to the best of your ability? I had that, hallelujah! When I came home, I didn’t want to speak anymore, I just wanted to shower and do a non-talking task…finish my nephew’s blanket. 

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