Sew Much Fun – Chapter 3


We are nearing record temperatures in our neck of the woods (100 degrees plus!) and I made another blanket. Last night, while in the living room, my husband  looks around and exclaims, “We have blankets all over the place and it’s summer for Pete’s sake!” Ex-squeeze me? What’s he trying to say? That he hates me and my crafting??? That he’s getting tired of random threads and piles of fabric all throughout the house??? Zheesh! At the time, we had five blankets in the room (one of them belonged in our bedroom). I thought this comment was pretty funny and a fairly astute observation. What can I say, we are a snugly people! After about nine months, I finally finished a coffee blanket I made in honor of Nathan’s senior mission trip to Costa Rica which is the reason we have at least one more blanket in the room. It was so nice to finally get that project done, Yay!  Surely there are better and more creative seamstresses out there but I am proud of my amateur skills and after working so diligently on my creations, it’s hard to put them up for the summer. 

So guess what I’m working on right now? Yep, a blanket. Only this one is for my darling 2 1/2 year old nephew Jon. The guy is totally obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. He has a one track mind in every sense of the word. You walk into the house and you are offered a train. Just don’t ask for Mighty Max. You can probably place a delicate finger on Gordon now (that used to be his favorite) but that’s i
t. I don’t care how much Jon likes you and how many things you have done for him, Mighty Max just can’t be shared. And for another example of how Jon is full tilt on Thomas and the gang, the other day, he was outside playing with his dad and getting cold water sprinkled all over his back and you know what he exclaims? “I’m covered in coal dust!” 

Who could not love th
is guy. I am smitten and his little brother is the stuff of everything delicious and pure. I wonder what Josiah is going to be crazy about in the future? Will he like trains or another mode of transportation? Will he like penguins like his Aunt Deees (that’s me) or tree frogs (like his Cousin Nate)? Whatever it is, I’ll make a blanket for it. I’m ready for the next project!


3 thoughts on “Sew Much Fun – Chapter 3

  1. You have inspired to make a blanket! I have no fabric nor any clue what this blanket’s purpose will be, yet a blanet is in my near future! Many thanks to you and Thomas the Tank Engine!! 🙂

  2. James and Percy are the favorites at my house, but both have taken a back seat to Scoop, Muck and Dizzy, three of Bob the Builder’s helpers. It does kill me how they have these things they love and get so attached to. Let me know if you spot any BtB fabric. I’ve been wanting to make a blanket for the “big boy” bed.

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