A Surprise in the Bathroom


Since Nathan’s appointment to West Point, life has been moving at a very fast pace. Nathan’s last dance at his school, Nathan’s first prom at a public school, the list of significant beginnings and endings is growing with each passing day. We are preparing for those milestone events which leave this mama near tears almost constantly. Today I cried at least on four different occasions but I’m not going to blog about that (this time).  

We did have a funny moment this afternoon. Mark came home from playing Frisbee golf and he said he had to go potty. He walked into the bathroom and this is what he found…
Talk about AWKWARD! 

Apparently Nathan forgot he had left this crazy thing in the bathroom. A half-torso is not a normal restroom decoration in our house but Nathan was preparing a few pranks for Senior Skip Day and he left it on the toilet! 

Tomorrow our ingenious son plans to place this half-man stuffed with newspapers in one of the boy’s stalls. Yes, we are so proud. The gag is that all the guys who use the restroom at school on Monday will think there is a student stuck on the toilet with a REALLY big digestive issue. I’m not sure how it’s going to work since the stall will be closed but whatev. At the very least, we know the prank worked at our house, Mark wasn’t sure what in the world was going on but we had a few giggles.

All I know is that I’m glad my mom or my 87 year old grandma were not visiting. I wonder what they would have done or thought. 

There are a lot of silly things the seniors have got planned but it was fun to have a little, accidental practical joke played on Mark. We might have to do this on April Fool’s Day. Feel free to borrow this very mature idea at your next dinner party or church potluck!

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