Sew Much Fun! Robe Mania!


It only took 2 years and four months to make Aaron’s robe. I finished it at last this evening. I bought the material for Aaron as a Christmas present with every intention of making him a special robe of his favorite professional football team. That was in 2006.

Recently upon hearing about me starting another random sewing project, Aaron retorted, “I’d rather you just made me the robe you promised me a long time ago.” Gulp. 

As I have learned about many things in life, things aren’t always as easy as they seem. That goes for swimming, parenthood, marriage, ministry and sewing. Last night I had a sewing lesson with Chriss (with two s’s) and after spending countless hours pouring over the sewing pattern, I brought the neckline and collar to get some advice. We were supposed to work on placemats and napkins but this was a more urgent matter. Thanks to her help, we figured things out and tonight my boy is cozy in his snuggly robe. 

Before Spurny went to bed, I took a series of awkward robe pictures since I am not a great photographer and Aaron isn’t the world’s best robe model. 

Every time I sew something I have fantasies of making the same thing for friends and family. If I like you, watch out, one day you might get a pair of boxer shorts or pajama pants, or an apron or a robe.
Hope you are not scared! Put in your order, friends and family! 

My repertoire is expanding. I like learning new things and I am happy to give him a heartfelt expression of love. 

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