You Decide 2008


Hi friends,

I need your advice. I’m going to make some boxer shorts and would value your expert opinions. Let me know the following:
Which material should I use?

A) white swirlies 

orange bunnies

 colorful circles 

 blue squares and rectangles
E) red swirlies and dots

F) yellow bananas

Next, help me decide which person I should make them for. Here are my choices 
Mark (MDH), 
Aaron (13 yr old OS) or
Isaac (11 yr old OS). 

My almost 18 year old Nathan OS is not interested in me making him underwear. I think it would be fun and cost-effective but the whole idea creeps him out. 
The boxers he likes are about $12 a piece, personally I’d rather make them for a whole lot less $$ but he’s just not down with that! At least some day I’ll be able to make my 2 1/2 year old nephew Jon a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine boxers when he’s potty trained, I know he’ll be ok with that. 
I will make a pair of boxer shorts and put them on my blog for you to see. I doubt there will be any underwear modeling, sorry to disappoint!
Can’t wait to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “You Decide 2008

  1. OK… Let’s get something straight. Banana boxers isn’t only insulting, it’s potentially dangerous. Little boxes are out and the colored circles are simply way too “groovy” to be boxer shorts material. That leaves white or red swirlies or lots of little bunny rabbits. Now don’t think that the innuendos that surround lots and lots of amorous little bunnies on one’s shorts raises. It might scare some, but frankly… I revel in the controversy. Swirlies are nice, but give me Bunnies!!!

  2. Well, I think that you have no choice but to make Mark some bunny boxers. I also agre with him that banana boxers are a little, um, questionable. I also think that if you were making the boys some boxers you should use the top red swirl fabric. And I think you should find some nice cartoon fabric and make Nate a bunch of boxers, and then swap them out with his old ones right before he leaves for school. 🙂

  3. My thoughts are go to EBAY girl and sell those shorts! There are plenty of men & women who would by them. I love the cirles; not much for the swirlies-reminds me of the 80’s and the paisley (spelling) look 😀 Love ya.Aunt OD also know as Lor

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