Fancy Pants

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On Tuesday, I’m taking a how to sew a zipper class. Dear friends, you just don’t understand how excited I am to learn this new skill. I have this vision of making my own skirts. If all goes well, I’ll be making some skirts this spring and summer. All these ideas will finally have a place besides in my brain. I’m trying to be realistic here though. Most of my creative ideas don’t usually pan out as well as I’d like but it sure would be awesome if this time it did. 

Right now I’m on a pajama pants sewing spree. Last weekend I cranked out three pairs of pants. The sound of a sewing machine in motion is something I find so relaxing. I like the way it sounds when the needle hits the fabric. I like gliding the material down the machine. I thrill at the notion of putting pieces of things together and making something usable and fun. 
I happened to ask my trainer if she’d like a pair of pajama pants. I ask my sons’ friends and they all have turned me down. What is up with that? 
Don’t 11, 13 and 17 year old guys need pajama pants!? Hmph! But this time my trainer said “ok!” and that’s all I needed to hear. The very next day I beelined to Hancock Fabrics and bought some fleece fabric and days later, presented them to her.
Then I made a pair of “hot pants” for Ike. I used some remnant fabric I had laying around the house and sewed them in record speed. The reason I call them hot pants is the material has a flame pattern. Ike doesn’t like it when I call them “hot pants” though. You have no idea how I love to see my family enjoying my handiwork. 

It is the best feeling to see them in the laundry knowing that they have worn something I made. To me it’s kind of like making brownies or something but not really because you can’t eat pajama pants and they won’t make your butt big but if you have a big butt, pajama pants can be rather unflattering…
NE way, the last pair I made was for me. A pair of periwinkle satin flannel pajama pants that are so comfy. I tailored them to fit me the way I like them and you’d think I thought I was Vera Wang or something. I’m strutting around the house in these bad boys all the time like I’m some kind of fashion pajama pants designer. 

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