Awkward discoveries


In order to thwart a worldwide epidemic which could have threatened humankind, we cleaned Aaron and Isaac’s room. Oy, what a mess! Mark and I must be the worst parents ever because it could have been condemned. Praise the Lord, I didn’t find any moldy food in there, but it was a distinct possibility.

So for the last two days we have vacuumed and dusted, rearranged and threw out. 
A huge pile of items will be delivered to the neighborhood Goodwill tomorrow and children throughout the county will be overjoyed with the stuff we are donating. 

If you are looking for some broken in GI-Joes, matchbox cars, plastic knights and sweaters, you’ll have big fun!

Aaron was underneath the bunkbeds. Before I vacuumed, I had him double check and make sure nothing was there. I didn’t want to suck up a sock. 
That’s not fun and the sound makes me feel weird inside. A long pause and a few moments of silence interrupted his productivity. What was going on???
Here’s the interactive part of this post. What did Aaron find?
Did my middle OS discover: 

Two dried washrags that he used in the summer when he got hot in the room and we wouldn’t turn down the a.c.?
Did my teenager A rotting banana from a bag lunch
Or did Aaron find my blue bra which I had forgotten I ever owned?
Answer is….BLUE BRA!!!
This is a re-enactment of the moment. I honestly thought he found something very scary. The banana would have sent me into orbit. But I guess discovering a blue brassiere in your bedroom is kinda freaky for a 13 year old boy. I think I can use it a lot more than he could or at least I hope so! 

How did it get there, nobody knows! If we wouldn’t have moved everything, it would have been there forever!~I did find two old washrags earlier in the cleaning process. btw. At least we had something to laugh about, the rest of the experience wasn’t terribly amusing! It looks a lot better, yay! 

5 thoughts on “Awkward discoveries

  1. Growing up, I’d always use the “I like it the way it is!” excuse for not cleaning my room. My mom would always just sneak in there when I was at school…so I never had to clean my own room…until college, when our apartments had “cleaning checks.” That was quite an ordeal.

  2. Let me set the record straight-it is not mine! Sure, I’ve sent my underwear to Denise & JD but I do not own a blue bra and didn’t leave any personal garments over there the last time I visited :DI’ve scared enough family members in the past.Lorriaka Ovary Diesel aka Lordy

  3. That is hilarious!!! Cindy, will you come help me clean my room? I have no idea how that bra got under his bed but it sure does sounds familiar! If I am ever missing a shirt/pants/belt/shoes/etc. all I have to do is look through my brothers’ room and I usually find it. Timothy often comes downstairs wearing my clothes. He’s 9 years old. *grimace*Oh and I wonder where the matches to socks go!! Maybe the dryer eats them. Keep posting!! 🙂 ~Caroline

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