Bonjour Blois!

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I was looking at my sitemeter today and noticed someone from Blois visited my blog. My husband and I visited Blois about 20 years ago. Quelle coincidence! Situated among the Loire Valley, Blois is a charming little town in France that is known for chocolate production. The entire town smelled like chocolate and we rode our bikes throughout the city. What wonderful memories I have of my time in Blois.  Salut de mon nouvelle ami de Blois! Soyez libre de me laisser un petit message, j’etais ravie de vous connaitre!

I’ve been speaking more French lately than I have in a long time. What is God doing with this? We have been eating late too, a common French custom. Whenever my boys complain about having dinner between 8-9 pm instead of 5-6, I just say, “We’re French.” They don’t find it terribly amusing but it’s a good excuse. Having spent a year in France, occasionally I’ll claim French heritage. 
About three weeks ago, I even dreamt in French and recalled random words I thought I would have long forgotten. A few days previous, I had a student from Mozambique in my class. I spoke French to him for two class periods. He even understood me! 
My husband and I were engaged in France. That’s another story. Here’s a little picture to prove it. Bienvenue mes amis francophones!

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