Adventures in Babysitting, Part One


I warned them the minute I walked through the door. “If any of you here do anything crazy or cute, I WILL blog about it!” I have been blogging for a while so my family knows I mean business. I’m always on high alert looking for a bloggable moment. Armed with my computer and my camera, I was ready and my subjects were willing participants as you will soon see.

This morning I got to babysit my two darling nephews and my mother. My mother broke her wrist very badly on Saturday and will need surgery on Tuesday. She is pitiful, quite honestly and needs some supervision right now because there’s not a lot she can do by herself. While awaiting surgery, she is convalescing at my sister’s. So since Mimi aka Grandma’s unable to care for the boys on her own, I volunteered to watch the kids so my pregnant sister and her husband could go to her doctor appointment. 

I would not say I am a natural when it comes to babysitting but this aunt stuff is money (you will recall from a previous post, money means “good.”) I didn’t get paid in money but in laughs, snuggles and a poopy diaper. It was strange but appropriate “currency.”

I have a lot more to post but since I’m trying to learn iMovie, I thought I’d give a stab at making a little film about my time. Hope you enjoy, I sure did!