All I want for Christmas is WATER!

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Guess what Santa brought us for Christmas? A broken water heater and valve!!! This might not have been the work of Santa but of that sinister Grinch or Scrooge. I would have preferred coal because at least we could have done something with it. Apparently Santa also doesn’t read this blog because if he did, he would know all the good will and cheer I attempted to spread onto others through apron making. He would never have done something like this if he had read my blog and seen what a wonderful person I have been lately. Hmphf.

Thanks goodness I have been on two mission trips. In Peru, I learned the fine art of dumping water into a toilet to force it to flush. In El Salvador, I learned the fine art of pouring clean drinking water into a cup and submerging my toothbrush and toothpaste into it to maintain proper dental hygiene. On some very microscopic level, and I emphasize microscopic, it has helped me salvage a bit, and I emphasize a bit, of sanity which isn’t saying much.

Here is a picture of a toilet in Peru outside of an elementary school. The orange bucket is full of water, the white bucket is using for pouring.

And this is a picture of a toilet in a poor village in El Salvador. This is actually a very nice toilet compared to what a wonderful pastor and his family used to have.

If I look on the bright side, at least the broken water heater and valve waited until our Christmas Eve company left before deciding to act the fool.

And if I continue to look at this as a glass half-full moment, than I must continue to be joyous that Isaac was feeling sick after our Christmas Eve company departed.

That’s because instead of going to a late night Christmas eve church service, Ike, Aaron and I stayed home. Isaac was trying to go to sleep but heard this annoying tick-tick-tick sound in his room.

I thought I found the culprit to the sound and turned off a few ceiling fans. However, the tick-tick-ticking continued. Being the mama of a Soldier, I thought it sounded like a bomb. Freaked me out a little. The sound was relentless and I pressed my ear to the walls trying to figure out from whence the maddening noise was coming.

Aaron saw me listening to the wall completely dumbfounded as to the source of the problem. Pressing my ear to various places on the wall, I told him this reminded me of a close family member who had suffered from mental illness who also heard things in the wall. It was one of those awkwardly funny comments and Aaron wasn’t sure what to say. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one hearing this sound.

When the Hubs and Nate returned from church, Aaron was fast asleep, Ike had relegated himself to another room to sleep and the Hubs and OS began to hunt for the sound.

That’s when we discovered that the tick-tick-tick was actually a drip-drip-drip coming from the attic and Christmas Day arrived with a very unwelcome gift…no running water. You can get batteries on Christmas Day but you can’t get a new water heater and valve at a gas station! Where’s a Jewish plumber when you need one?

We’re Day Two of this annoyance and the saga continues…ergh



Oh the never ending joys of motherhood. After repeated attempts to get my middle OS Aaron to think of others, i.e. flushing the toilet after using it, Aaron is currently experiencing a consequence. He has to clean the bathrooms…all three of them and wow, he’s having a great learning experience! NOT! 

This morning I awoke to find a lovely yellow “present” in the potty. I shouted, er, uh, politely inquired of my children, curious to find who left behind the charming, lingering reminder of their presence. At least Aaron confessed. He can’t seem to remember to flush every single time. How can a guy continually forget to flush the toilet? Ew! If you notice my profile, bathroom hygiene is a big deal for me. My lifelong goals are to raise three sons who love Jesus and also keep the toilet seat down after using it. Is this too much to ask? As I considered my disciplinary options, I decided I needed to get serious and give him a punishment he would remember. As of right now, I’d say this punishment is immensely effective.

I am definitely a contender for World’s Worst Mom today.  It’s not a title I covet but I’m willing to accept it since I know it’s only temporary. I just don’t want to be a wimp when it comes to raising my three OS. Check out what the Bible says about discipline, “no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” (Hebrew 12:11) Is there someone in your family you think could have benefited from more discipline, more consequences, more training? I see scores of young people who fall into this category. I know plenty of adults who are spoiled and self-centered. This world certainly doesn’t need three more! 
One day when Aaron is older, I think he will look back at this experience and smile. He will hopefully recall how we didn’t back down and trained him up in the way he should go.  “You show love to your family when you flush the toilet,” I offered a proverb of my own. (Feel free to use it with any male in your house). Aaron reflected upon this, not sure what to say but I think he’s learned a few lessons, not just about washing sinks and scrubbing toilet bowls but about character and consideration. Maybe he’ll be a Christian plumber/actor/football pro one day! A righteous man who loves the Lord, puts the seat down AND flushes – I have high hopes! He should be excellent husband material one day!