Knife Video


I guess a bit of living in a house full of men has rubbed off on me. I got the best Christmas gift I could ever imagine. I got a knife. Not just an ordinary knife, it was a knife I’ve been longing to clutch in my hand for a very long time. A Santuko knife. I’ve had my eye on a Santuko knife for years and at last I have a really nifty one…a Santuko knife from Cutco. Yeah, it’s sweet. I love watching the FoodNetwork and noticed this knife on several cooking programs. I feel like Rachael Ray and the Iron Chef!  My knife has fast become my favorite kitchen tool. Its full tang, triple rivet construction, dishwasher safe, highly engineered thermo-resin material, the list goes on and one. These are just some of the reasons I’m smitten with my Christmas present. 

It might be like Ralphie on A Christmas Story who longed for a Red Rider b-b gun only I think the worst thing that could happen to me is I could lose a finger or something. Hey, I’ve got ten of them, just in case! My eyes should be ok though. Using this knife requires some skill and attention, it is seriously sharp. The first time I used it, I was freaked out by how smoothly it sliced through things. 
My wacky OS Nathan created this video of me using my Cutco knife. In case you notice, I’m not wearing a wedding ring. I’m immensely happily married, especially since my husband is the one who bought me the knife. I just don’t like to wear my rings when cooking, the water makes my rings feel slimy. Just something special about me, I guess.
At Christmas I motioned my mom into the kitchen just so she could watch me use my knife. She was overwhelmed to say the least. I also was gracious enough to allow my sister a complimentary slice. I’m sure she’ll be calling me soon for another visit.