Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


I am not smarter than a fifth grader and our 11 year old OS is proving this. I am always impressed with the range of things my boys learn in school. Do you ever wonder if we were ever taught the things kids are learning these days? Even though I believe Isaac is smarter than me, for a long time Isaac has doubted his own abilities. His grades have been inconsistent and he has been discouraged when report card day arrives. We’re talking drama, tears, the works. So after a great deal of thought and prayer, we enrolled our OS in Learning Rx and in just a few weeks, Ike is getting sharper and faster than we could have ever dreamed. Check out this little video clip about what Ike has learned. In under a minute our orange-haired boy can recite all 43 presidents forward and backward. He goes so fast I can barely keep track of him. I’m reasonably confident that the brain training he is doing will transfer to the classroom. Last week he got a 100% on a math test and Ike was positively glowing. Seeing our son with a happy face is a blessing!