Five minute Friday – brave


photo copy 2Why just typing about the subject of bravery is well, brave.

My heartbeat is increasing with each.word.placed.

An idea has been swirling in my head for a while now and I’m afraid. I scarcely allow myself to ponder this and now I’m nearing the moment of revealing it to you.

A sample of the things I used this week. I feel happy in the kitchen.

A sample of the things I used this week. I feel happy in the kitchen.

What if my idea succeeds? What if it’s a total failure? What’s my motivation? Do I have the physical, financial, emotional resources needed to make it work?

Speaking to over 50,000 teenagers about saving sex for marriage was brave. Sharing incredibly personal stories about my past was something I asked the Lord to help me with every time I did it and that was for nearly eight years.

But now the Lord is placing, (I think) an idea which scares me as much as the first time I entered a high school classroom full of very skeptical kids.

My dining room

My dining room

I’m thinking about opening my home to encourage women with cooking and hospitality. Not as a money making idea, not to sell any kitchen gadgets or products, but just to encourage women in the art of domesticity. This is something so very close to my essence as a wife, mother and homemaker.

I think about this idea when I am chopping red cabbage or stirring up a homemade salad dressing in the kitchen. When I’m roasting poblano peppers or making a pretty table setting for my family, I feel this urge to open my home and show others how to do it. I’m so not an expert which is why I’m afraid to try.

When I think about going forward, I bravely ask God, “Is this what you want me to do?” It’s sad that I don’t know any of my neighbors, what if they reject me? So many questions and doubts but yet an eagerness and an unction to try.

Writing for five minutes is a treasure. Do it!

Writing for five minutes is a treasure. Do it!

Should I do it? What is the brave thing you are contemplating?

Check out this word party. This might be the brave thing you need to do!

Apples of Gold

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I am taking a women’s mentoring class through my church for the next seven weeks. It’s called Apples of Gold and we are learning the gentle art of homemaking and hospitality. Combined with a Bible Study we discuss things like kindness, hospitality, loving your husband, etc. Each week an intimate gathering of women ranging in age from 19 to 62 years old meet in a beautiful home and are treated to a wonderful meal and fellowship. We get a cooking lesson, hear from one of our group mentors and discuss applying God’s Word into our daily lives as women.

I enjoy meeting with these women every week. 
I find that I have a lot more in common with them then I would have previously imagined. 
Some are dealing with issues I struggle with and others are just beginning their lives as adult women. How nice to have a place where you can be yourself and find common ground. 
You should see the gorgeous house where we meet. I’ll have to take some pictures of it. A historical home, perfectly appointed, charming and old-fashioned, cozy and reminiscent of olden times. It’s like a bed and breakfast just down the street. This week we dined on pork tenderloin, rice pilaf, fresh salad with a delicate homemade dressing and an apple dessert served with vanilla ice cream. 

We are fed physically, emotionally and spiritually, satisfied and encouraged in every way. 
I leave inspired and ready to serve my family. 
What a far cry that is from my angry feminist days when I felt like the most demeaning place in the world was the kitchen?! My mother would toil away and rarely get a few sparse comments afterward.
Now I find that my home and kitchen are places where I can be creative and welcoming, like my true femininity has a place to prosper.  
Even my boys appreciate the little extra touches. Although this week they were a little frustrated. They wanted to eat right away and I made them wait so I could fold my napkins in a fancy way and make a nice table setting. 

My mom is visiting for the weekend and I wanted her to see my mad napkin folding skills! 
Here’s everybody eagerly awaiting dinnertime. Actually this is a “Mom, just take the picture!” kind of moment.