Five minute Friday – hands


photoI usually quantify how interesting my life is based on where my feet take me

But too seldom do I consider my hands

What they do, where they go, how they have traveled in some ways differently although my hands and feet are connected to, um, photo me – DUH!

Have you ever thought about your hands?

Their magnificent versatility and productivity? Their ability to create, love, maneuver?

Clap your hands about your hands! Raise the roof about your hands! Lift those bad boys up to the Lord in praise!

In the last several weeks, my hands have grasped balls of Kleenex as I spoke a tribute to my middle son the night before he got married.

They tearfully carried a bouquet of flowers as I walked down the aisle and found my seat as the mother-of-the-groom.

My hands cupped around my son’s handsome face as we had our mother/son dance. Gracious!10172643_10203755528669758_7964348490121130609_n

And since

My hands have prepared a meal for a cancer patient whose family is burdened and needed a respite.

They have turned pages in a book and my Bible.

They have pointed to paint colors as we redecorate a room to welcome our married kids into our home one day for visits.

My hands also have gone to the women’s prison and helped inmates.

Their shaking hands

The ladies often move the fabric harshly as if those hands haven’t seen much love.

sewing simple quilts and pillows – many can’t even thread a needle or make a knot at the end

And that’s when my hands sweep into assist

So today, on this Five minute Friday, I will appreciate the gift of hands, what they are able to give and 5-minute-friday-1receive. Give thanks to the Lord for the splendid design of hands!

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4 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – hands

  1. “I will appreciate the gift of hands, what they are able to give and receive.” Thanking God with you today for hands that have blessed my life and for the lives my own hands have had the privilege of blessing, in return. Visiting from FMF. ~ Barbara @

  2. Do you do some sort of sewing classes in a prison ministry? Reflecting on all the things my hands have done just today is amazing! Thank God for hands! 🙂

  3. I’m stopping by from your visit to my blog. Love what I’m seeing here!

    Oh dear! My baby boy is only 7, and I get tremors thinking of having our mother/son dance at his wedding. I’m thankful for those, like yourself, who have gone before me. I pray nearly daily that his future wife will love Jesus first, and my son second. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m stopping by from your visit to my blog. Love what I’m seeing here!

    At 7, my son is still just a baby. I pray nearly daily that his future spouse will love Jesus first and foremost, then my son second.

    Have a blessed day!

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