We’ve got spirit, yes we do…


This is a slightphoto 15 exaggeration

But I live for five days out of the year

More than Christmas, my birthday, Thanksgiving and the first and last days of school combined

My jam is

Spirit Week

That magical time in February when kids who attend a private Christian school with a strict uniform policy let their hair down

Five marvelous days filled with a daily theme, friendly competition, prizes and fun

Since my oldest olive shoot was in middle school, Spirit Week has been like my Super Bowl, my World Cup, my time to shine as a mom…

Or not

Because you see, as my three sons have oft reminded me,

Technically, it’s not MY Spirit Week

It’s theirs

Hrmph!photo 23

It’s an annual battle royal as we compete for control and preparation.

It’s private conversations between my friends as we ruminate about possible ideas all the while acting cool, calm and collected around our kids.

It’s when I google and Pinterest and imagine secretly wishing there was a Spirit Week for moms because we need it more than they do.

It’s me being the person who wants to plan ahead versus my olive shoots not wanting to think about any of it until maybe the night before, I’ll spare you the details since they are usually too painful to discuss.

But last week was Spirit Week and Monday was Pajama Day. In previous years I have sewn pajama pants for my boys. Heck, I even purchased grapefruit fabric about a year ago in anticipation of making Ike some citrus inspired sleeping pants because he loves him some grapefruit. To my chagrin, however, now as a junior in high school, Ike rebuffed my offer. This year he was boring but our borrowed Brazilian olive shoot wore this onesie which surely made the ladies swoon!photo 22

Perhaps the low-key Pajama Day was God’s way of giving me a slight Sabbath before the preparation for Tuesday-Thursday of Spirit Week.

I can’t wait to tell you about what we they I did!

Does anyone else know the joy and agony of Spirit Week???

6 thoughts on “We’ve got spirit, yes we do…

  1. LOL! It was fun to see the boys in pjs. I think spirit week is Frank’s least favorite week of the school year! (All the extra work and office visits that result.) But Tabby and I love hearing about it and grill him each night at dinner as to the theme and what the kids wore. A spirit week for mamas sounds great! I have always loved dressing up in different costumes. A dear friend and I used to have historic based suppers when we were in collage, and that was so fun. (themed food, dress, movie)

    • I can appreciate that Frank might not like Spirit Week, probably more work for him. I grilled Isaac and Chico for details about the week as well. Chico was more forthcoming since he doesn’t know any better! What a fun idea to have historic based suppers in college! It certainly beats what I was doing back in the day!

    • I didn’t even check Pinterest. I usually stay away from that site because it only makes me feel worthless. It has amazing ideas but it usually triggers a very insecure part of my brain! I do have fun, more fun than I think I’m supposed to!

  2. That sounds like fun – is it really competitive? We don’t really have anything like that here, although the boys are dressing up for world book day on March 6th…

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