I’m having a FOOT fit

Chico's parents prepared a delicious Brazilian meal for us. Oh how I wanted to be in the kitchen helping!

Chico’s parents prepared a delicious Brazilian meal for us. Oh how I wanted to be in the kitchen helping!

The doctor told me that it would take seven weeks to heal from the foot surgery. He didn’t pull any punches or sugarcoat the news but somehow I under estimated the recovery.

It’s interesting the things we hear and the things we ignore.

I heard SEVEN weeks, and thought, “Oh I can do that, no problem!”

But I failed to think that SEVEN weeks breaks down to

49 days and nights

about 1,176 hours

or 70,560 minutes (if my calculations are correct)


of inactivity and/or pain.

A brief moment out of the foot boot enjoying flowers given to me by Ike and Caleb

A brief moment out of the foot boot enjoying flowers given to me by Ike and Caleb

Often it’s like I’m just counting down the time, longing to put both feet on the ground and move forward – physically and mentally.

Since it’s my right foot, I am truly sidelined.

I'd rather be sewing...

I’d rather be sewing…

I can’t drive and almost even worse, I can’t sew. I made a Christmas quilt and walked four miles in one day just traipsing back and forth ironing the piece and putting it together. Now I’m adrift in inertia. As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time inactive, I’m very challenged right now. In many ways, I feel completely worthless.

And to add further misery, while wearing the orthopedic boot, I developed a shin splint which has resulted in even more time in bed or stuck on a couch. I feel like I’m not progressing at all but instead going backward.

It’s not an entirely blob-like existence. I’m reading Don Quixote, doing my Bible study, praying for others, maintaining prayer journals for my future daughters-in-love, these are useful good things. I’m also folding clothes, doing an occasional chore but nonetheless I don’t feel like me. I guess I didn’t expect a cheilectomy and removal of some screws in my foot to result in such a season of purposelessness. My friends are visiting, in fact people from two different countries have graciously made dinners for us, it’s lovely but I’m accustomed to doing stuff, being an active participant in life.

What are ways that you feel productive when you’re unable to do the things you love? I know I’m not the only one that’s faced this challenge!

6 thoughts on “I’m having a FOOT fit

  1. When I was 15 my mother broke her leg and wore a cast up to her hip for 6 months. I still shudder when I think of that awful time, so I am truly sorry for you! On the other hand, I am confident God is using you during this time in ways that, perhaps, he couldn’t have otherwise. He’s funny like that. 😉 Keep the faith, friend. I am sorry for the frustration, pain, and ITCHINESS! (I think my mom used a clothes hanger….)

    • Thanks Meredith! Praise the Lord, I am not in a cast so I need to remind myself of this. I broke my foot five years ago and the cast tested my wits and that’s putting it mildly! It’s interesting that you remember the time when your mom was hurting as a time of trouble for you also. I can’t even imagine a cast up to my hip for SIX MONTHS! I’d be in the looney bin! Great hearing from you, I know you can appreciate my perspective! ❤

  2. Sometimes the best thing we can do for those we love is to take care of ourselves. Follow doctor’s orders and let your body heal. I know…easier said than done!

    I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

  3. It was not the same not seeing you cheer on the boys in basketball. Have missed seeing you. I am so sorry for your frustrations but this will be the past before you know it. I had to have a bone removed from my big toe back when I was 20 years old. It was first said I needed the toe amputated. That is what I went into surgery to have done. Once they opened the toe, they realized that the lower bone, that attached to the foot, was still good. They only had to remove the Distal phalanx. Thank the Lord! I did have to learn to walk all over again, just as you do with an amputation. The boot I had to wear drove me NUTS!!! I went through 6 of them in a years time. I had to wear one for about 15 months. Try and coordinate a boot with all seasons. Does not look pretty, no matter how you try it. Stay strong and know that this is just a minor hiccup in life. Love your blog and being your friend!

    • Whoa, Ronna! I need to hear more about this story! It’s crazy to realize how much we need our toes! I can’t even imagine wearing a boot for 15 months, that would have challenged me more than I even care to ponder! I appreciate your words about it being a small hiccup, you are so right! See you soon at the games! Thank you!

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