Five minute Friday – Truth


photo 11What is your reaction when you see someone reading the Bible?

Do you feel disgust, embarrassment, judgement or anger?

Do you pity, resent or maybe even hate?

Do you feel joy, peace and love?

Do you feel envy, connection and thankfulness?

I have felt all of these at different times when I have seen someone reading the Bible.

Strange, that I can still recall going to a coffee shop many years ago with my grandma. We were listening to a vocalist. My grandma probably forgot her hearing aid and the sounds were too much for her. I looked around and there, at a nearby table, a group of young people had their Bibles open. They were engaged in a lively conversation.

The feeling in my heart was muddy. In one way, I was repulsed. How could they be sitting over there talking about the Bible in public? Who did they think they were?

But I also felt a measure of jealousy. What did they see in that book that was worthy of conversation? What did they know that I didn’t. I considered myself a Christian but had almost zero Biblical knowledge. I believed in God, that would suffice, right?

This is a place where we seek truth - around the dinner table

This is one of the places where we talk about truth – around the dinner table

Since giving my life to Christ about 15 years ago and by that I mean repenting of my sins and accepting Jesus as my Savior, my quest for Truth is nearly insatiable. I was a strident, abortion rights feminist, angry, confused blasphemer and that’s just for starters.

My idea about truth was to cherry-pick and make my own. Talk about muddy! But don’t think that I suddenly considered myself perfect. Far from it. I still goof up. I do, all the time. But where I find Truth isn’t from the world, it’s from The Word.

photo 10

Here’s what the boys found on the chalk board recently. It opened up great family conversation.

We have a Brazilian exchange student staying with us for the school year. The Lord has opened up many opportunities for conversation between the Hubs, my youngest olive shoot and Chico. Many nights during dinner time, we sit around the table and discuss Truth. The Bible is open and we find daily application to the Truth found within. We talk about real, honest and relevant things and connect it all with the source of all truth.

I’d love to hear what you think about the word truth. I’m also curious to know what you think when you see someone reading the Bible. It’s ok if you have a different opinion than mine, I’ve probably felt something similar along my spiritual path.

5minutefridayThis post is inspired by super cool people who all write about one specific word for just five minutes each Friday! Check it out here.

8 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – Truth

  1. Stopping over from FMF. I envy people who read the Bible. I envy their devotion and their faith. And I think it’s a beautiful image of you and your family and new friend having a lively conversation around the Bible!

    • Thanks Dana! Yes, it is a beautiful thing when the Bible comes alive in our home! Sometimes it’s slow going but then truly, the Lord speaks into the conversation! I did not grow up in this kind of family, the Bible was hidden under the bed. I encourage you to read the Bible, maybe starting in the New Testament and using a Study Bible. My life completely changed the day I started doing this. I appreciate you stopping by! Bless you, FMF friend!

  2. I’m always intrigued when I see someone reading the bible. It’s such a rare sight here in the UK. One is very open to bad feeling, bigotry and prejudice if one expresses anything remotely Christian. Last year when my husband and I were returning from a trip to London we were on the train and a man kept looking at me. At first, I was flattered. It’s been a while since anyone looked at me with admiration. I then felt foolish and ashamed and looked over at my wonderful husband (whose back was towards the man). I had been reading a book, which was resting in my lap. I lifted it so that the title was readable from where the man was sitting. It read ‘Simply JESUS’. The man sneered and turned away. Job done. 😉 Most people think you’re a sandwich short of a picnic if you even mention the bible, here. You can even quote wise words and proverbs… but when you mention the actual bible verse people sneer. So sad. Still, it’s not everyone and you never know when it might start a conversation.

    • Wow, Sandy, that is so interesting and sadly, not very surprising! You know what though? I would have been that man, actually I was that man (so to speak) for many years. Only because of Christ, can I not be the snickering, judgmental fool. Keep living for the Lord, keep shining brightly. At the very least, you made him think about who Jesus is. I’ve never heard that expression a sandwich short of a picnic, how happy I am to have “met” you! Bless you, sweet sister in Christ!

  3. Awesome post! I am always inspired when I see someone reading their Bible. It reminds me, if I haven’t spent time with my own Bible that day, that I need to. Truth, for me, is God’s word. It’s the only thing I know I can count on 100%.

    I always think of the relationship between God and me. When I pray (which tends to on-going throughout the day) and ask for God’s guidance and help, that is my side of the conversation. The other side of that conversation is God talking to me and me listening, which is reading His word.

    • Yes, I can feel convicted if I am not in The Word. The Lord is 100% dependable and I have to remind myself of that all of time, especially in light of our situation. The listening part is so important because Jesus isn’t a vending machine or a robot. Sometimes words just leap off the page and speak to my heart! We have a treasure in the Name above all Names, don’t we! Bless you and thanks for your comments.

  4. Neat post. What do I think when I see someone reading the Bible? I think I want to go sit with them and join in! Nothing I love better than reading and studying God’s Word. Even your post made me wish I was sitting around that dinner table with you! Thanks for another great contribution to FMF.

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