Five minute Friday – Grace


photoSometimes the person I have the most trouble giving grace to is…


Prone to want things to be fixed and perfect, I fall short constantly. I disappoint me.

On Tuesday, I made a homemade, from-scratch chocolate cake.

And I was given an opportunity to offer grace to a person who needed it.

The cake was for my youngest olive shoot’s 17th birthday.

The Hubs is out of town and I felt a lot of pressure (from me) to make the day special.

It would be the first birthday when Ike wouldn’t be hearing from his grandpa.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s along with a deceiving brother-in-law have robbed my son of this simple pleasure.

So imagine my disappointment when I opened the oven door and saw a disaster of a dessert!

If Ike were to look at this cake and consider it a representation of my love for him, he might want to find a new mom.

I was tempted to throw the cake in the trash and start again.

And this is when the spirit of grace fell upon my kitchen.

Instead of making Ike a birthday cake, how about a birthday torte?

This might not seem like a big deal to most people but I had to push aside my expectations of myself and of the day.

I had to not worry about what the guys on his basketball team might say to their mothers about the chocolate disaster with 17

As you might suspect, a starving group of boys don’t worry too much about the presentation. They ate the catered sandwiches with appreciation. And when it came time to laud my orange hair, freckle-face olive shoot a happy birthday, we presented it on the hallway of the high school on the floor.

5minutefridayAnd guess what? It was all wonderful. My boy was blessed,

God’s favor, His grace.

When do you need to extend grace to yourself? I’d love to hear!

Today’s post was inspired by 5 minute Friday! I enjoy getting a word surprise each week and writing with wild abandon for a little snippet of time. Check out other entries here!

11 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – Grace

  1. I’ve recently found out that I have a neurological disorder and in order to get better I must rest. This is very, very hard to someone who is so used to over-extending herself for the sake of her family and loved ones. Apparently I’ve made myself worse because of this over-extending – pretending I’m ok when actually I’ve been ill for quite some time. Now it’s as if God has said STOP. I’m just trying to be thankful and to rest in quiet grace. And now I have to go because I’m not supposed to spend long on the computer. God bless you x

    • So sorry you got this diagnosis. You already have so much going on, it’s hard to remember that suffering is for our sanctification. I was just learning about this in Bible Study. I’m glad you are realizing that you need to reduce your obligations and find respite. This is something I am also trying to keep in mind though my circumstances are different. God bless you, may the Lord give you some relief and help in tangible and spiritual ways. God bless you too. x

  2. Lovely post! And timely. My daughter’s birthday is next week, and I’m fighting the pressure (from myself) for it to be perfect! Visiting from FMF….so glad I linked up after you today!

    • Thanks Charlie! I always need to check myself when I am doing something and ask, “Who am I trying to please.” Sometimes my answer is complicated. Hope your daughter’s birthday is a beautiful, imperfect celebration!

  3. Oh wow. I totally identified with you in this post – right from the start. I don’t fault others for not living up to my expectations because I sure can’t live up to my own! I’m always feeling like a failure about something. I always review my day mentally at night and think of all the ways I failed. But thankfully we serve a loving God. I always ask Him to help me do better the next day. I look at the coming day like Anne Shirley did – a “fresh day with no mistakes.” Yet. Until the end of the day and I think of all the things I should have done better at! (“Blah!” said Toad. (Frog and Toad books.)) Anyway – you did awesome with your b’day torte! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Lisa! We can be so cruel with ourselves, can’t we! And then there are people who seem to be completely oblivious to their shortcomings! That also drives me nuts! I like your quote, “a fresh day with no mistakes.” I need to remember this! I love Frog and Toad. I think they are two of the sweetest characters in any book. I always appreciate your kind words! ❀ The torte was good albeit ugly!

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