Five minute Friday – She


When I walked down the stairs at the missionary house five years ago

She caught my eye, took my breath away

“Wow, she’s so pretty!” I thought to myself.

All of us at the girls' prison in El Salvador

All of us at the girls’ prison in El Salvador

Then I went to the girls’ prison in town

And she acted as my translator as we spoke about redemption, purity and freedom in Christ

“I love her heart,” I thought to myself as we both openly wept at the beauty of the moment.

Then my oldest son began speaking to her

He, a cadet at West Point

She, a college student in El Salvador

And soon enough, they began to fall in love

Two countries away, a romance and a host of many obstacles

They have persevered

And on Sunday, in this beautiful tropical land

He dressed up in his finest, heart beating like a drum

What a moment!

What a moment!

He reserved a table at Ruth’s Chris in downtown San Salvador

And when the waiter brought out the creme brulee, there on the plate

Even though they spelled it wrong, she understood! What a sweet memory in every way!

Even though they spelled it wrong, she understood! What a sweet memory in every way!

She read a life-changing message!

Even though there was a typo since English is not the first language of this country

995474_10151567058450059_296521023_nShe became more than the pretty girl I first met in a faraway land

She was elevated from just being my son’s bonita, his girlfriend…

She became my future daughter-in-love…

Join us at this writing community and share!

Join us at this writing community and share!

My son’s future wife ❤

She said, “YES!”

I could write more but I was only given five minutes! What do you think about the word “she”?

24 thoughts on “Five minute Friday – She

  1. I am linking up with Five Minute Friday, and I absolutely loved this story! What a blessing it is to have such an incredible daughter in law that you shared wonderful experiences with! Many congrats to you, your son and your family 🙂

  2. Congratulations to them! What a beautiful story and I love how love knows beyond the words! Thank you for sharing and may all of you have many more wonderful memories together! Blessings!

  3. That is wonderful! Praise God for His bounteous nature. He gives us so much more than we deserve, and these things He has in store for us that we could never imagine. Brought tears to my eyes. Bless you all xxx

  4. That is such a cool story! OK – cross out cool and replace with “awesome God thing story.” I LOVE that ring! Tabby & I enjoyed the message on the plate. I think it’s better they got it a little wrong …

  5. I love this. Just an awesome post about someone you clearly love adding to your family. Congratulations to all and may God’s blessings be at the forefront of every day in your families!

  6. Oh, I love this story. You have no idea. With two grown, unmarried sons…well the daughter-in-law prayers have been being prayed for a very long time. This is a faith builder for me so thanks very much for sharing. Next week I plan on writing about this subject on my blog and it will be with an unlikely, (VERY unlikely) twist on my own FMF “she” post. I might just come looking for you afterwards so as to get another faith boost from someone who’s on the other side of the blessing. 🙂 Thanks again.

    • Ok, Lisa, now you have my attention! I want to hear this and please let me know when you write it. I’m intrigued. I wasn’t sure about writing about “she” and then as I pondered it, I knew exactly what to share. Keep me informed, I want to read this! 🙂

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