$40 or $60? We have our answer and it’s good


We got the news!

$40 ATM withdrawal!2013-07-07 14.48.02

It is a proud and significant moment in our Soldier’s life. He did all the work, we have merely been behind the scenes cheering him on but I’m telling you, it does feel like we ALL accomplished this tab.ย 

Nate began this journey in March with the hopes of being done by May. That’s not how it went down. He got recycled in Darby for five weeks, while there met a rat, passed the mountain phase but then he recycled swamps. He will graduate this Friday among his buddies, graduating class 7-13. It will be surreal. Nate will introduce us to the guys he has come to love and admire. I can’t wait!

Good thing we don't have smell-a-vision on this blog. My boy hadn't showered for 10 days, can you imagine?

Good thing we don’t have smell-a-vision on this blog. My boy hadn’t showered for 10 days, can you imagine?

Over 140 days of arduous training is complete and now the stories begin.

Thanks be to God for the good things He has done! My Soldier heeded the word’s on his cap and now we will learn about the cast of char- acters that made his Ranger School time unique, hilarious and irritating as heck. They will never forget this time together. What a feeling that must be.

As for me, I shall never be able to walk by a Soldier in uniform with a Ranger tab and not stop and say something. Especially this Ranger, Colonel Eric Kail. I’ll probably also burst into tears. Oh to put my arms around my boy in a few days, to see that tab on his sleeve, what a moment that will be.

Our hearts are with all the guys and families who have endeavored on this journey. Bless you all! RLTW!

20 thoughts on “$40 or $60? We have our answer and it’s good

  1. So, so excited for you all! A big congratulations to Nate for his hard work and perseverance. Praise God! What does RLTW mean? It may be a secret code. Again, congratulations!!

  2. How incredibly awesome for all of you! Thank you and your family for all you give, for raising a young man of honor and selflessness and courage. And thank him for choosing to serve. God speed to all of you, one more step on an incredible journey.

  3. Congratulations to Nate for his perseverance and sacrifice. My brother is also going to graduate this friday, thanks God. RLTW! Hoooah!

    ~~~~God bless our Rangers!~~~~

  4. Congrats Ranger! You’ve just joined a very elite brotherhood. Welcome aboard. Whenever a fellow Ranger sees that tab they’ll know a) what you’re made of and b) that they can rely on you to give your all.


    Bruce McQuain
    Ranger Class 5-71

    Back when it was hard!
    Just kidding …

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