My mighty cleaners – Ike and Extreme 18X – free bonus goodies (Ike not included)


2013-06-13 15.22.35Dirty windows + able-bodied, orange hair, freckle face ginger sitting around watching tv = opportunity

2013-06-13 15.14.03We have a VIP arriving at our house this weekend and in anticipation of her visit, I wanted the windows in our family room clean. Ike began the chore but grabbed a can of aerosol window cleaner we received years ago when the room was constructed.

When I checked on Ike’s progress, the overwhelming smell of chemicals had filled the room. One look at the contents in the can, I was shocked to see the ingredients used. The first ingredient on the list 2-butoxyethanol (or ethylene glycol monobutyl ether). Also known as 2-BU, this widely-used cleaning solvent causes anemia by damaging red blood cells, creates air pollution that exceeds workplace limits, is linked to impaired fertility and reproductive and developmental toxicity. EPA even considers it a possible human carcinogen. Liquified petroleum gas for window cleaner? Come on! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So I quickly grabbed replaced the can of toxic ingredients with a spray bottle of water mixed with about a half teaspoon of Extreme 18X. This product has replaced at least 80% of my regular cleaning supplies so it just made good, healthy sense.

2013-06-13 15.59.37

Extreme 18X is an ultra-concentrated soap berry liquid detergent and cleaner and now the good folks at NaturOli are giving a FREE BONUS GIFT of a mini or trial size” for every $25 in merchandise ordered!*

We use Extreme 18X and soap nuts interchangeably. I’m also a big fan of their skin care products – toner, skin repair creme, facial creme and the complete daily cleansing kit.


The mini/trial Sizes are anything but small and NaturOli’s skin & hair care formulas are all FULL 1 to 2-oz sizes – FAR from typical tiny sample packets that are only a mere use or two.

– Values of mini and trial sizes are up to $9.90 each! You might like this gluten-free skin repair creme but take a look around and see what other things look good.

When placing your order, choose one for every $25 in merchandise in your cart. *Limit of six (6) per order. Put the product names (or product numbers) in the “Comments” Box during checkout. Please be specific about which items you desire. They’ll be shipped with your order. It’s that easy!

– No coupon required. Your selections will be on your receipt.

Offer expires Friday, 6-21 at midnight.

Ike and Extreme 18X made a good team. The pictures I took were not filtered in any way, there was no need. My windows are sparkly, streak-free clean and that was done thanks to two things – an awesome son and a petro-chemical free, formaldehyde free product that I absolutely love.

5 thoughts on “My mighty cleaners – Ike and Extreme 18X – free bonus goodies (Ike not included)

  1. Great timing on this post! I just posted about the soap nuts yesterday. πŸ™‚ I did want to look into the cleaners next. πŸ™‚

  2. I like to use vinegar or lemon juice for my windows and glass. Combined with a damp microfibre cloth they come up a treat. I did have to use a stronger cleaner when we first moved in. I don’t think the previous occupiers cleaned the toilets or shower and while my methods worked on the toilets, the shower door had caked-on limescale (ugh). Still, I only used the strong stuff once and now I use vinegar to keep it like it πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing Sandy! I can’t even imagine someone leaving limescale on a shower door for future owners. I’d be too embarrassed! Natural cleaning methods are always worth trying first. Since I started using soap nuts and Extreme 18X, I have more room under my sinks because I don’t have a bunch of other products. Appreciate your suggestions!

  3. Great post, Cindy! Here’s some little glass tests for anyone to try: Dilute EXTREME 18X at a ratio of approx. 16 – 20:1 (water to 18X). If too strong it will be too soapy. That’s okay for many purposes, but as a glass/stainless/auto type cleaner being TOO soapy will cause smears and streaks. After you’ve got that right and cleaned some windows, compare to ANY cleaner (natural or chemical). Try to clean some side-by-side west-facing doors or windows, so the late day sun shines directly through. TEST 1: With a standard cheap paper towel, glide it across both. It will glide like silk across the glass cleaned with 18X. It will actually stick and feel gritty on the other window. THAT tells you how much of a film actually remains with other cleaners. A surfactant is needed to cut through and remove that film. TEST 2: Compare the two near sundown when the sun is shining straight through. Brighter, better. You’ll be surprised. If you got the dilution ratio correct and did a thorough job, the 18X cleaned window will almost appear gone. Interesting…just try it. πŸ˜‰

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