Don’t be a party pooper!


P1080266“I want to have a surprise 16th birthday party for my son.” This was the beginning of a phone conversation I had with a mom back in the spring of 1996.

Since I’m always up for a celebration and it was a party for one of Nate’s friends, I already liked the idea.

P1110409But then she surprised me.

“And I’d like to have it at your house…”

Say what???

We didn’t know each other that well and I didn’t quite understand.

Had she seen my house?

Did she call the right person?

She insisted she knew exactly whom she was calling and was familiar with my home’s accommodations. My brain ran through the list of other more luxurious houses I would have picked before mine but she was resolute with her request.

A few weeks later, we hosted a surprise Mexican-themed 16th birthday for her son. Mutual friends and their parents attended. The food was great and everybody had a fun time. My friend made the right decision in having the party at my house after all!

Though the party was for someone else, I was also given a gift.

It was the gift of saying yes. I ignored all my home’s imperfections and opened my home up for opportunity and blessings. Strangely enough I didn’t cook a thing and barely lifted a finger for the party. Just saying yes was all that was needed from me.

Not a picture of the party I wrote about but an example of my olive shoots and their buds hanging out. So cute seeing their little faces back in the day!

Not a picture of the party I wrote about but an example of my olive shoots and their buds hanging out. So cute seeing their little faces back in the day!

In the next upcoming posts, I want to write about the importance of cordiality in our menfolk and why hospitality not perfection is necessary in our homes especially if you have children. My boys are wonderful hosts in our home but that wasn’t something that came naturally, we work on it.

I want to offer some easy ideas and examples of things I do to put people at ease in my home, you know, the little touches that seem to bless folks sometimes before they even walk through the door.

I’d love to hear your suggestions, ideas and questions too. Many of you understand the fine art of gathering others together so the proverbial green welcome mat is out just for your comments.

When I opened up my home, the blessings flowed. Entertaining can be stressful but the art of hospitality isn’t something just for moms and females. Guys need to learn it too.

Questions: How easy is it for you to say yes to opening up your home? Do you think you’re good at it? Why? Why not?

7 thoughts on “Don’t be a party pooper!

  1. ooh! I can’t wait to see your suggestions! šŸ™‚ My home is always open, and we have people in and out all the time, but part of that is the type of community we’re living in. I frequently apologize “for the mess” but have gotten to the point of not worrying too much more than that. A home is to be lived in. šŸ™‚

    • Oh, Sharon I want to hear from you! You have an especially fascinating perspective about hospitality. Would you care to guest blog about this? Lmk. It sounds very intriguing. I like my home open but it’s not like an open door policy. Tell me what you think!

  2. While I often welcome people into my home (mostly kids friends, but others as well), It didn’t come naturally, it came from necessity. I’ve got a son who has peanut and tree nut allergies. When he was younger it was just safer to have his friends over here. I do get embarrassed for the mess. But we have 7 people in a three bedroom house. It’s not likely to get less messy until we have less people… A running joke around here came from Jeff Foxworthy (I think). Momma says “please excuse the mess” kids say “mess? this is the cleanest it’s been in weeks.” Can’t wait to read the rest of your suggestions. šŸ™‚

    • Hey Maxine! It’s so interesting that you wrote about peanut and tree nut allergies. Do you know it was just yesterday that I was talking about that very same thing. I wondered how people with allergies actually go over to people’s houses since you really don’t have any idea if they have encountered any peanut products. I was thinking about this as I was roasting peanuts and we were shelling them. You do have a big family and so give yourself some credit anytime you open up your home to yet another person. I really appreciate your comment! Keep ’em coming!

  3. SO looking forward to this!! I would be interested in the general how-to of hospitality…as well as the entertaining portions–recipes included!!

  4. We enjoy having people over (in spite of being introverts!) and getting to know them better. I do tend to get pretty stressed in getting a meal ready. Lack of confidence in my meal prep. (Just what you want to hear in light of this coming Sunday, right? But don’t worry – we’re having one of my “company dishes.”) I do think having several no fail “company menus” is a huge help. More often than not, I get stressed at just the time involved in getting things ready though that is probably just due to having little ones. Perhaps I need a checklist so I can get things done without worrying about forgetting something. Anyway, I’m rambling but am looking forward to your series on this. I never had much of an example in this growing up so I’m sure I have lots I can learn.

    • Yes, we are excited about seeing you on Sunday also! I know I have already provided with a list of “rules” for food – HA! It is stressful and sometimes that can take me off track. If my guys help out, it’s usually much more fun and easier. I agree when the kids are young, it is much more complicated. I love your idea about a menu and checklist, those are things I probably should do! See you on Sunday!

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