Praying like Mary, thinking about Capri Sun

I am proud of this Soldier. I must pray fervently for him.

I am proud of this Soldier. I must pray fervently for him.

After reading Monday’s daily Scripture several times, I drop to my knees to pray for my Soldier. So much is on my heart about this strong olive shoot. I notice a verse in my reading,

“Toi, Seigneur, tu connais le coeur de tous les hommes.” – Actes 1:25

Yes, Father, you know the heart of every man. I trust you listen to my heart’s cries. Incline your ear to me, your servant, My Holy One – this is what I implore.

Nate will soon be in Ranger School. I won’t be able to speak to him on the phone or receive his silly text messages for at least two months. Though I can write him letters, the frequent communication I cherish will be interrupted.

Ranger School is physically and emotionally grueling. There are aspects about the challenge that I can’t learn until he has graduated, is rested and has fattened up a little. Monday’s reading reminded me that I need to follow Mary’s example and pray with others, for our children individually and collectively, join together and seek God’s face.

I ponder what God is saying to me in this first chapter of Acts (Actes), I think about Mary and strangely enough, the new Capri Sun commercial. Admittedly, it’s a weird collage of thoughts.

Have you seen these commercials about a new vegetable-infused version of the juice drink called Super V? Here’s a link to see it yourself. .

“Paula Ebert” wants to buy a healthy juice for her son. She wants to help her son with all of his daily struggles. I chuckle to myself when I see the mom on the dodgeball court valiantly attempting to block all shots coming her boy’s way. “NO! NO! NO!” she yells to the kids trying to pellet her son. Hands flying in the air, frantically doing her best, Paula turns to her very embarrassed boy and reassures him, “Mommy’s here. It’s ok.” Bless her heart. I don’t like Capri Sun but I really like this mama. Part of every mother wishes God permitted only good things to happen to her babies. Since we live in a fallen, broken world that can’t happen but we can intercede on our children’s behalf.

21-Day-Challenge-Badge-300x300Mary prayed. 14 D’un commun accord, ils se retrouvaient souvent pour prier, avec quelques femmes, avec Marie la mère de Jésus, et avec les frères de Jésus. 

Acts (Actes) 1:14

How precious that the mom of the sinless Savior demonstrates the legacy of prayer! As I follow the 21-Day Challenge, I observe how Mary loved the Lord in this manner. In these verses, Mary didn’t pray alone but with others and in one accord for her son. To hear someone pray for my olive shoots grabs me at my very roots. Would you please pray for my son and all the men in Ranger School? If you have ever had someone pray for your child, you know what that means to a mother.

Wonder what God might say to you? Check out all of these Bible reading options, I bet there’s one that will speak to you! Give it a try and never be the same! This is the one I’m currently using, join me and many blessings!

12 thoughts on “Praying like Mary, thinking about Capri Sun

  1. Thank you for starting my day off right. 🙂 I love your blog and I hope mine gets to be as regular and as “read worthy” as yours.

  2. “That kind of love is frowned upon.” Ha! Priceless. I used to joke that Sam and I were going to be like Norman Bates and his mom, that he would live with me forever and never be able to say goodbye. Now that I’ve creeped you out…
    I will be praying for you and Nate as he starts Ranger School. I am sure this is so bittersweet for you. What an honor for him to be able to go, but what a sacrifice for your family.

    You should get a little Moleskine notebook or something and write down all the little things you would normally text him. That might make it easier for you, and he will have a funny little souvenir from your “time” in Ranger School.

    • Jenn, that is hilarious! I am always offering my services to my boys and they often decline my kind gestures. I do not want to raise men that can’t take care of themselves or live without me but wow, I don’t always like these parts of motherhood. It’s all so surreal and I know you have experienced your own immensely challenging journeys. You write so beautifully about them and about your “heart.” I like your idea about writing my texts, that makes me feel a little bit better. I need to find creative outlets to document this time. Bless you and thanks for praying for my OS!

  3. Cindy, just know that your oldest Olive Shoot receives prayers from this Texas family….over the years on FB I’ve come to know you and your family and you are always in my prayers. Maureen’s son was deployed yesterday – it’s hard for all of the soldier “Moms” – I can’t imagine! My prayers are lifted always! ❤ you!

    • Thank you Lorrie so much! Having Texas sized prayers is an added bonus! Nate will be deployed in October and that is a place I can’t even go to yet and the Lord is being kind in preparing my heart for that season. Soldier moms know this will happen but it’s still hard. I will pray for safety and strength for Maureen’s son and for her. ❤ you too!

  4. Nate’s going to Ranger school? Cool! I wasn’t sure….didn’t he have some kind of injury or something? I wasn’t sure if that put him out. So Nate will be at Ranger school with Micah. 🙂

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