Five Minute Friday – Race


The view from our 10th story apartment

While watching the Chicago marathon from the 10th story of Jenkins Hall, I was inspired.

One of my favorite signs!

But when I went downstairs and came face to face with the thousands of runners, I was overwhelmed. Tears welling up in my eyes and throat, I know I’m an emotional person but it surprised me the wave of feelings that waft over me.

I just imagined being one of those runners and having legions of people cheering me on. Honestly I need that kind of encouragement in my daily walk of mortal life let alone a 27 mile run which will never happen this side of heaven. Hearing someone calling my name, seeing a sign with MY name on it, or a treasured friend or family member, I’ve never done a marathon but seeing the Chicago marathon up close and personal tugged my spirit. We all need a pep squad to help us run physically, emotionally, spiritually. When we’re downtrodden, discouraged, beaten up, don’t we all desperately want someone to say, “Hey, you matter! Go, you! You can doey it!”

It was so awesome how the announcers just randomly picked out names they spotted on the runners’ jerseys and encouraged them! Loved the Moody Mile!

On this blustery fall morning, as we were getting ready to meet Aaron and the other two OS going to Aaron’s new church in downtown Chicago, I witnessed these people, every hue, body type and outfit race past us. I heard praise music filling the streets, everyone was of one accord motivating the runners to keep going. Tears.

The most awesome writing gig on Fridays! Where a beautiful crowd spends five minutes all writing on the same topic and then sharing ‘em over here. Join us!

What got me the most emotional was the encouragement. As the runners jogged by the Moody Mile, they were greeted with cheers, posters and horns. It felt like a New Year’s Eve celebration. The announcer randomly called out names of some of the runners, I saw signs in many languages, what must this have been like to among the crowd? I felt blessed, moved and stirred. Lord, help me run THIS race of life…

Here’s a snippet of the event…

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Race

  1. Because you know, you always inspire me! Did Aaron run the Moody Mile? I think I am gonna have to call you sometime! Sooooo much to catch up on!!! xoxoxooxxoxox

  2. I ran a marathon once and yes, the cheers and encouragement got me through. I loved re-living that moment as I read your blog. *Stopped in from Five Minute Friday

  3. A friend of mine ran this race a few years ago. He said it was one of the best experiences he’d ever had. He trained every day for months, and I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment he had at the finish line. I was cheering for him even though I was no where near the racers.

    • After the race, I saw people walking around with medals around their necks and it was really cool to think of people accomplishing a big achievement! I loved seeing people jogging, walking, sprinting and completing the goal ahead of them was very inspirational!

  4. I’m late getting to the blogs this weekend. We had family here for our first autism walk. 🙂 In any case, I loved reading about your emotion. I almost felt like I was there.

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