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Officers’ Christian

My 2LT participated in OCF during his time at West Point. If you have cadets, here is some information about the non-profit organization. Officers’ Christian Fellowship is an organization that not only serves active duty officers and cadets/midshipmen throughout the military, but members of the guard, reserves, civilian employees of the military, and retirees. The OCF ministry at West Point is one part of this organization, involving both cadets and the officers stationed here.

OCF meets at 1915hrs at WH5300, the Dirt lecture hall. The evening usually involves about half an hour of praise and worship music led by the West Point Praise Team and then breaks into small group bible study for the last half hour. Other activities that take place outside of the normal meeting times include retreats throughout the year and activities hosted at the OCF House in Highland Falls. They meet on Tuesdays evenings during the Academic year.

For more information about OCF at USMA, email Cheri and Tom Austin at

I know your cadet will be blessed by the encouragement, sense of family and spiritual development!

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