My new blogging home


Relocating a blog is like buying a house or having a baby. These things take time and never go as smoothly as expected. For a while now I have considered revamping my blog. The desire to do so reminds me of  when I announced to the Hubs I wanted a baby and the day we picked our first house. I fondly remember wanting both things (independent of each other!) and petulantly only anticipating the tender moments when I would be nestled in my immaculate house and later gloating over my perfect child. Then both arrived in short order of each other and I soon discovered that a house gets dirty and a baby can drive a mama nuts. Oh yes, having a blog is similar. I have now switched my blog over to Word Press and  it is a learning process. Please bear with me as I make adjustments in my blog’s appearance and construction. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you, I really do!

So today’s the day! I’ve waited weeks to get the proceeding blog post published and like a baby, with a hearty grunt and a push, I believe it is finally time to “give birth.”

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