To have an inchworm as a friend…

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Reading is a most cherished relaxing activity. While my brain can’t retain all the amazing things I learn when reading, my black leather bound book (courtesy of my writer friend Kristi, click here for her blog) serves as fertile ground for me to deposit interesting words and quotations from books I’ve read, sermons I’ve heard, etc.

Before I met Inchy, these words from Charles Kingsley in Nancy Pearcey’s book Saving Leonardo caught my attention. 
“The simplest forms of nature are strangely animated 
by the sense of Divine presence, 
the trees and flowers seem all, 
in a sort, children of God.”
Then my mom had surgery and complications resulting in my encounter with Inchy. Maybe I read Kingsley’s quote because Inchy and I would soon be friends. Yes, I realize that Inchy is/was an insect and human beings are God’s only children though He is the Creator of all things.

But still, Inchy was a good distraction. Laughing is my favorite and Inchy provided some needed jocularity. One afternoon, while on the way to my mom’s hospital room, I stopped to greet my chenille buddy. Just in case inchworms have ears, you know I wanted to offer a word of encouragement. My little looper friend, wherever you were, I hope you were having a good day! Don’t listen to Hubs in the background, he was just jealous of our unusual friendship!

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