A scrappy game of Scrabble


I am not known for my athletic prowess. Chances are really good that you can out-run, out-lift, out-skate, out-swim, and out-do me in most physical things. Your muscles are bigger, your stride is longer, your endurance is better. You win. 

However, the one thing I am known for, at least in my kin, is my mad Scrabble skills. I can hold my own when it comes to this word-smithing merriment. 

Someone is preparing for the beat-down

Upon each visit home, my oldest OS challenges me to a game of Scrabble. Days prior to the battle, the insults and affronts begin; nothing is too low brow between mother and son. Similar to Army/Navy football, this game is personal. It’s the West Point cadet with a high class ranking (Nate) versus the strong B average Communication and French major from Carroll University (um, that’s me). We engage in our regular risibility while trash talking and one emerges with bragging rights until the next battle.

With great tinges of melancholy, this morning my OS and I sat in the living room and we marked the end of Christmas break with a game of Scrabble.

You would ululate too if you had four u’s

Highlights of today’s game include:
ululating over four U’s – YUCK!

bursting into song using my best and loudest Ethel Merman impersonation of an Ella Fitzgerald classic when Nate made the word MISTY

and caving into moments of deep motherly feelings by confessing to my boy mid-play, “Nate, I love you.”

Yes, I will never tire of his response of sincere mutual affection even if it meant I lost every time (and I didn’t), btw. I would always play this game even if he pummeled me (and he didn’t) just to spend time with a child I cherish. I love words but I love my boy more and that’s saying something. 

Ladies and gentlemen,
the one, the only Miss Ethel Merman…

Our game board goodness

Oh yes, I am a lachrymose mama right now. My favorite Scrabble buddy is going back to WP where he belongs. 😦 His bags are packed, the game is in the drawer. Tomorrow when the house is empty and all of my OS venture into the places they belong, I will busy myself. My athletic prowess is sorely lacking, the house and the Hubs need attention. It will be ok, I know, I guess, I hope.

Thanks Nate for giving your scrawny mom a scrupulous time. Miss you already ❤ 

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