Doing Hard Things – part one

The Lord is prompting me to not only read this but have the courage to do this. 

It’s no accident that this summer I am co-leading a book study for teenage girls entitled Do Hard Things. With each progressive week, I find myself feeling the nudge to have victory over one of my Hard Things.

A teenager in Florida who was afraid of water = me

A fear that has gripped me for almost half a century that I am determined to overcome.

Fear of water – swimming

I was the teenage girl with bad body image sporting a white rubber bathing cap and cowering at the country club pool. Yeah, that was me. Too embarrassed and prideful to take swimming lessons. 

I hated spending days at the pool. 

I was the young collegiate at summer parties terrified someone would toss me in the water and see me flail about like a goof. Everyone was alerted to NOT throw Cindy in the water. 
You see a pool, I see an aquatic obstacle. 
And when the OS were little, I was the mama stuck on the beach chair. Longing to jump into the water, instead I watched the Hubs toss the boys in the air at the pool. Just a lonely mama who couldn’t venture to the deep end of the pool and stayed on the side. 😦

If I’ve got the guts to make raw multi-seed crackers, I should be able to swim, right?

A giant chasm separates fun and me. Summer is the season that covers its mouth, points at me and snickers, “You don’t belong here. Just go back inside and feel sorry for yourself.”

The Hubs and the OS in the water sans moi.

But there’s got to be an end to it. With great fear and trembling, I want victory over this phobia. Give me back May, June, July and August! Heck, let’s throw in September since I live in the south! Don’t you agree? 

I long for a picture of my OS and I in the pool.

I really hope and pray to report that I am conquering this fear…stay tuned, this is a very hard thing for me!

One more thing…here’s the link for the crackers! They are GOOD!

5 thoughts on “Doing Hard Things – part one

  1. You can do it, Cindy! I just talked to another friend who learned to swim recently. She put her face in the stream of water in the shower to get used to water on her face. Let us know how you do!

  2. What an awesome example you are giving these girls as you do the hard stuff too! I believe in you. What a beautiful story — thank you for sharing this. I want to go read that book and do hard things now.. thank you for your bravery and inspiration. Go mama Go!

  3. Yes You Can!!! Girl, you are covered in prayer and equipped with the knowledge that He is able to do anything. Rest in Him. Trust in Him.I pray that the whole trip will be fabulous and a great time of blessing for your precious family!!

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