A Gift to Me, A Gift to You – give away!


He took me by the hand and escorted me to the garage. Tentatively I placed one foot after the other, trusting that whatever I would soon behold was worth the risk. We traipsed through the laundry room, a rather treacherous endeavor and descended a few steps at the entrance of the garage. No bone had been broken, so far so good.

“Open your eyes, Mama,” Aaron granted my eyes permission to do one of their primary jobs. Three plants stood before me, bursting forth with blossoms.
“I drive past this garden store every day while going to school and I knew I wanted to buy your Mother’s Day present from there. After I finished mowing a lawn today, I went there and got you these.”
I was reminded of the cubic zirconia earrings Aaron gave me one Christmas when he was a little boy. Oh, how he beamed with pride as he handed me the little box. Upon opening the gift, I observed two absolutely HUGE cubic zirconia earrings with an equally flashy matching pendant. Where does a middle class mama wear such bling? Many years later, I still do not know but should I ever need to make a VERY bold statement, those baubles will be put to good use.
Thankfully, Aaron’s tastes have matured. Here is proof…

The three gifts my middle OS gave me!
Do you know what the plant is called? Tell me in the comment section of my blog
and I’ll enter your name into my giveaway TWICE! 

another rather exotic flower with orange flowers (neither of us remember the name)

I love any shade of purple therefore I love these!

and petunias and fan flowers

When my middle OS approached the clerk at the garden store, he announced he was buying some plants for his mother. The lady was so touched by his kindness, she added additional flowers into the planter.
She was not the only one to react to my son’s inquiry. Apparently a rather corpulent young lady also overheard Aaron’s conversation and began following my OS around the store perimeter. Creepy.
What I love about Aaron’s efforts is the sincerity of his quest. I love that he did not choose the fancy garden store just down the road, instead he sought the simple, understated establishment. I have also driven by this store and nary given it a second thought. He blessed me and the garden store owner with equal measure. A generosity of heart is one of Aaron’s most lovely qualities.
The rain has been gushing for days. I look at my plants in the garden through the large windows in our family room. They are verdant and sturdy, confident and acclimating well to their new environs. I’m in awe at how well they fit into the landscape. I can’t help but think of my boy with each glance at my astilbe and its companion flower. It’s as if they want to blossom with pride at being selected by Aaron and they want to do their job to the best of their ability.
If plants had feelings, and some posit that they do, I would have to say Aaron’s selections are utterly joyous in their new home. It’s as if they blossom with pride at being selected by Aaron and they want to do their job to the best of their ability.

Here are several examples of the miniature pillows I create. They are sweet on a window
sill or placed anywhere someone could use a word of encouragement. 

Ive been sharing about the gifts I received for Mothers Day. Now its your turn to share. What is the best Mother’s Day gift you have given or received? I’d love to know! 
I thought it would be fun to offer my first giveaway. Write a comment on my facebook about this post or write it directly this blog and you’ll be entered to win a free homemade encouragement pillow. Also, if you answer the question in my post about the type of flower Aaron gave me, I’ll enter your name twice. We can’t remember the name of it so maybe you can help us figure it out. Deadline will be Friday, May 20 at 5pm EST. 

4 thoughts on “A Gift to Me, A Gift to You – give away!

  1. Is it a bleeding heart?Tyler drew me a bookmark that I still keep in my Bible. Kristen gave me a coupon book and a card where she proudly wrote, "Mom You Are The Beast".

  2. I've only had two Mother's Days, so Henry hasn't given me a gift from himself yet. But my first was a gift simply because the emotion of it took me by surprise. I had no idea I would be so overwhelmed by emotion on my first Mother's Day!

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